Recap of Friday, 3 New Ideas

Friday Review:

While Friday didn’t exactly end things on a bang, the hit the markets took certainly went quite a way toward progressing the bearish options ideas we were tracking into the end of the week. We had a couple of sets of puts targeted in our premarket report, and some more bearish targets in TSLA that we’d been tracking throughout the week. Each of those put up significant intraday runs, and in the case of the TSLA puts, tacked on further highs.

Our shorts from Friday were the NFLX Weekly $580-570 Puts, and the PG Weekly $157.50-155 Puts. As for the TSLA Weekly $152.50-150 Puts, we had been tracking those since Wednesday’s premarket report. All of those numbers a re below. Additionally, a set of TSLA $170 Puts we signaled on Monday also added to their intraweek totals, and we think we’ll continue to see TSLA feel the pain, so we’re going to roll down and select some new targets for that chain today as well.

NFLX Weekly $580-570 Puts
: .89-5.25 (+490%)
$575: 1.53-7.85 (+413%)
$570: 2.35-11.00 (+368%)

PG Weekly $157.50-155 Puts
$157.50: 1.04-1.61 (+55%)
$155: .72-1.39 (+93%)

TSLA Weekly $152.50-150 Puts
$152.50: 2.35-6.25 (+166%)
$150: 1.41-3.75 (+166%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TSLA Weekly $142-140 Puts
NFLX Weekly $555-550 Puts
VZ Weekly $40-41.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: