Exponential Gains on LULU Options & More

Major Options Movers:

We absolutely crushed it with our earnings plays once again yesterday, signaling a trio of related options ideas in our premarket report. Despite a mixed, yet primarily down day for the markets, the volatility provided by these companies’ earnings drops powered some significant positive intraday movement.

We were targeting the LULU Weekly $360-370 Calls, the MU Weekly $82-85 Calls, and the BNTX Weekly $182.50-187.50 Calls, and of course they all produced solid opportunities for us. Additionally, we have an update on the DOOO 04/14 $70-75 Calls  which we signaled for observation on Friday morning, and have since tacked on more new highs.

The breakdown of those single session gainers as well as that 4-day swinger are as follows:

LULU Weekly $360-370 Calls
 7.50-26.41 (+252%)
$365: 5.00-23.23 (+364%)
$370: 3.57-20.00 (+460%)

MU Weekly $82-85 Calls
 2.49-4.30 (+73%)
$83: 1.93-3.45 (+79%)
$84: 1.48-2.80 (+89%)
$85: 1.09-2.15 (+97%)

BNTX Weekly $182.50-187.50 Calls
$182.50: 3.28-5.30 (+62%)
$185: 2.50-4.11 (+64%)
$187.50: 1.63-3.20 (+96%)

DOOO 04/14 $70-75 Calls
 5.00-12.00 (+140%)
$75: 2.40-9.36 (+290%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PATH 04/14 $25-22.50 Puts
WBA Weekly $47.50-46.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist: 

Major Options Success, Fresh Plays & More

Solid Hitters Across the Board:

Our options trading prowess continues to assert itself as we head into this midweek. You could probably count the amount of bad ideas we’ve had all year on one hand. For the vast majority of the selections we make, the profits have been there for the taking, and the targets we hashed out in yesterday’s premarket report were no exception.

We were focused on the SPY 03/30 $457-460 Calls, the ASO Weekly $38-40 Calls, and the LOVE 04/14 $50-55 Calls on the day, and there wasn’t a single contract set contained within those ranges which failed to provide substantial intraday gain chances for our readers.

Here are the trading ranges and the figures for total possible gains on those ideas: 

SPY 03/30 $457-460 Calls
 4.59-7.15 (+56%)
$458: 4.01-6.24 (+56%)
$459: 3.51-5.88 (+68%)
$460: 3.00-5.20 (+73%)

ASO Weekly $38-40 Calls
 .87-2.30 (+164%)
$39: .55-1.20 (+118%)
$40: .25-.70 (+180%)

LOVE 04/14 $50-55 Calls
$50: 5.56-8.50 (+53%)
$55: 2.70-9.20 (+241%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LULU Weekly $360-370 Calls 

MU Weekly $82-85 Calls
BNTX Weekly $182.50-187.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: 

Multibag SNOW Options, KEGS NEWS & More

SNOW Calls Rip:

Yesterday morning’s earnings calendar was a little disappointing in terms of the quality of the companies reporting, so we went in a completely different direction with our daily options idea and selected some longer-term targets in the SNOW chain. This was a purely technical play based on the stock’s chart setup, and it proved to be a really solid decision right from the get-go.

We slated the SNOW 05/20 $235-245 Calls for tracking, and all five of the contract sets therein produced huge multi-bag gain opportunities which were as follows:

SNOW 05/20 $235-245 Calls
 2.50-10.20 (+308%)
$237.50: 2.30-8.80 (+283%)
$240: 1.40-7.70 (+450%)
$242.50: 1.35-6.61 (+390%)
$245: 1.00-5.67 (+467%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 03/30 $457-460 Calls
ASO Weekly $38-40 Calls
LOVE 04/14 $50-55 Calls

1812 Brewing Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:KEGS) – News Update:

We’re also checking back in on KEGS, the craft beer brewing company located in Upstate New York that we originally featured in a special report in February.

The company has released another press report today that we wanted to pass along to our readers. We would also suggest anyone who isn’t familiar with KEGS to click the link above and dive into that initial report. The company is forming a new vehicle to help fund their acquisition plans, so things are really getting exciting over at 1812 Brewing!

Watertown, NY, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 1812 BREWING COMPANY, INC. (OTC Pink: KEGS) (the “Company”) announced that it has formed a subsidiary to pursue the strategic acquisition facet of its growth plan within the craft brewing industry.  1812 Acquisition Company, of which 1812 Brewing owns 100%, will be used to finance the Company’s first material acquisition or series of acquisitions.

As previously announced, 1812 Brewing Company’s three-pronged growth strategy within the craft beer sector includes:

  1. Organically growing the brands already in the portfolio. Currently, this includes War of 1812 Amber Ale1000 Islands IPA, and Malicious Intent XX IPA, among others;
  2. Through contract brewing, wherein for a fee, the Company utilize its excess production capacity to produce other parties’ beers; and
  3. Through acquisition or a series of acquisitions.

(>>View Entire PR)