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CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. (OTCMKTS:CURR)

As we were just pointing out in yesterday morning’s premarket report, CURE was slated to present at LD Micro Main Event Conference yesterday afternoon, and that event went off without a hitch. You can view the company’s full 20-minute presentation by registering at the LD Micro website HERE, navigating to Tuesday’s tab, and looking in the 2PM slot for CURE Pharmaceuticals.

It’s also important to note that CURE will be hosting a Zoom webcast tomorrow at 4PM EST, regarding, among other things, the company’s current strategic positioning.  

You can register to participate in the conference, and/or listen to an archived copy at a later time, at the following link:

Direct all investor inquiries on CURR to:

Gary Zwetchkenbaum
Plum Tree Consulting LLC
Phone: (718) 224-3123
Cell: (516) 455-7662

Fresh Options Ideas 
BOIL Weekly $23-25 Calls
TTC Weekly $90-95 Calls
FDX Weekly $285-290 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Bearish Options Ideas

FedEx Corp. FDX – Options Review

Despite having signaled our options idea FDX on Tuesday morning, it was a postmarket drop, thus, leading into yesterday’s session, the earnings were still untraded upon. We reminded readers yesterday morning to look out for what we expected to be a solid performance, and we were not wrong.

Our sole target, the FDX Weekly $237.50 Calls ran from a low of 7.95 all the way up to 19.00 for us, which mean our idea has been good for a gain of up to 139% to this point.

Options Ideas With the markets flailing and looking to be set up for a lackluster day, we are going to open things up today and track a few sets of bearish options ideas for the SPY, AAPL, and NKE chains.

SPY Weekly $335-333 Puts
AAPL Weekly $111.25-108.75 Puts
NKE Weekly $118-117 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

All New Options Ideas

3-Pack of Options Ideas 

This morning we want offer up trio of fresh options ideas to track through this week, with some high profile earnings plays as well as a target in the SPY. Stocks in general are looking solid today, so the wind is blowing in the proper direction for it for the time being.

In addition to the SPY, we are looking at opportunities in the ADBE and FDX chains. Both companies are not slated to drop their quarterlies until after market hours, so we’ll be watching these in the run-up to that, and presumably for the remainder of the week after they present their figures.

Here are the specific targets we are interested in tracking: 

SPY 09/16 $340-342 Calls
FDX Weekly $237.50 Calls
ADBE Weekly $490-495 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: