Kicking Off the Holiday Week

Winning Options Recap: :

Here we are about to kick off one of two holiday-shortened weeks remaining in 2021. It’s hard to believe the year is already drawing to a close, but we can’t wait to carry the incredible success we’ve found over into 2022.

Speaking of which, our trio of options ideas that we offered up fresh for Friday morning’s premarket report all posted some really nice moves on the day. We were tracking the DRI Weekly $145-140 Puts, the WGO Weekly $70 Calls, and the FDX Weekly $247.50-252.50 Calls.

Here are the largest intraday moves and total possible gains that were there for these ideas on Friday:

DRI Weekly $145-140 Puts
2.90-6.12 (+203%)
$140: .08-1.10 (+1275%)

WGO Weekly $70 Calls
 .14-1.40 (+900%)

FDX Weekly $247.50-252.50 Calls
$247.50: 1.85-2.28 (+23%)
$250: .72-3.07 (+326%)
$252.50: .25-1.30 (+420%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NVAX 12/23 $230-235 Calls
SNAP 01/28 $50-53 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Another Golden Trading Week on the Books

JBL, ACN Options Gainers:

Here we are at the end of another trading week, and we’re pleased to say we’re taking it out on a high note for our Friday report this morning! We had some excellent multibag-level success with yesterday morning’s freshly generated options targets.

We were tracking the JBL Weekly $60-65 Calls, and the ACN Weekly $405-415 Calls, and witnessed some really nice intraday gain opportunities for both. Here are the total gains that could have banked off of those plays on the day:

JBL Weekly $60-65 Calls
 3.90-6.50 (+67%)
$65: .70-2.08 (+197%)

ACN Weekly $405-415 Calls
$405: 4.91-10.49 (+114%)
$410: 2.47-7.49 (+203%)
$415: 1.28-5.02 (+292%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DRI Weekly $145-140 Puts
WGO Weekly $70 Calls
FDX Weekly $247.50-252.50 Calls

*Please don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you’re an experienced trader with access to disposable funds

Engage Mobility, Inc. ENGA – Review:

Switching gears over to the stock side of things, we have been tracking this OTC play for a little over a month, and the move it made is most definitely noteworthy.

ENGA began appearing in our extended watchlists last month on November 9th, and subsequent to that, was trading for as little as .131. This week, the stock shot out of a cannon and climbed as high as 2.55, which works out to a mega-increase of 1847%

Extended Watchlist:

Starting Off the Week on a Good Foot

Friday’s Options Recaps 

We’re kicking off this new trading week in typical fashion by highlighting the performance of the fresh options ideas we put forth in Friday morning’s premarket report. Our pair of targets that were set to expire on the day were clear cut runners- specifically the FDX Weekly $275-280 Calls and the MP Weekly $40 Calls.

In both cases, Friday’s session brought major moves in the stocks themselves, which facilitated some incredible intraday gain possibilities for ourselves and our subscribers. Those fantastic multi-bag runs were as follows: 

FDX Weekly $275-280 Calls
$275: 2.90-7.93 (+173%)
$277.50: 1.58-5.61 (+255%)
$280: .72-3.64 (+405%)

MP Weekly $40 Calls
.75-6.00 (+700%)

Fresh Options Idea:
SPY 03/22 $389-390 Calls

New World Gold Corp. NWGC – Recap

We’ve got to swing back around to NWGC as well, a stock which we alerted back on March 4th, subsequent to which it saw shares change hands for as little .002.

This month has brought mostly positive progress for NWGC, which on Friday broke in Pennyland and set a new high of .0119. That works out to a 3-week run of 495%

Bottom Watch Plays: 

We took notice of some of last week’s biggest losers, with ALX Oncology Holdings, Inc. ALXO and Nurix Therapeutics, Inc. NRIX which both fell off of a cliff on Thursday and Friday.

Whenever we notice massive selloffs like this, we begin to wonder at what point the consolidation becomes untenable. That’s when we place stocks on bottom watch and monitor them for potential reversals, because the volatility from such situations often brings us exactly the type of quick strike opportunities we’re after. Stay tuned for the possibility of specific targets on these plays in the days ahead.

Extended Watchlist: