Another Huge Session of Gainers & More

Hot Options Review:

We tracked down some solid plays for yesterday morning’s premarket report, offering up our take on some potential targets we found interesting in the BBBY and STZ chains. Both companies showed heightened activity following their earnings releases, and were also pushed along by some decent intraday market momentum.

Our specific targets issued were the  BBBY Weekly $29.50-31 Calls and the STZ Weekly $230-232.50 Calls, and they provided for the following single-session gain opportunities:

BBBY Weekly $29.50-31 Calls
 2.06-9.70 (+371%)
$30: 1.26-9.25 (+674%)
$31: .74-8.29 (+1020%)

STZ Weekly $230-232.50 Calls 
$230: 5.50-8.60 (+62%)
$232.50: 3.19-6.05 (+90%)

In Monday morning’s report we gave a couple sets of ideas in the CCIV options chain, and what we came up with was the CCIV Weekly $26 Calls and the CCIV 07/23 $27.50-28 Calls. Both the short and extended term contracts popped this week, giving us the chance to log sizable gains on these strong moves:

CCIV Weekly $26 Calls
 .50-3.05 (+510%)

CCIV 07/23 $27.50-28 Calls
$27.50: 1.49-3.90 (+162%)
$28: 1.35-3.30 (+144%)

Western Sierra Resource Corp. WSRC – Recap:

We also would like to post a quick update on a stock we tagged and began tracking at the end of last week in our report on June 25th.

Subsequent to that alert, we have observed a run in WSRC from a low of  .2045 up to a new high of .492. That works out to an increase of 141%, while volume significantly exceeded the 30-day moving average in each session over that span.

Earnings Related Options Ideas:
WBA Weekly $52-53.50 Calls
MU Weekly $82.50-83.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

HUGE Stock Runners & More

Majic Wheels Corp. MJWL – Review:

The first thing we want to do this morning is review the recent activity in MJWL, a stock that we initially targeted as a subpenny play in our report on the morning of May 13th. The low following that alert was .0094, the stock began to run, and it hasn’t looked back.

Following another of what has been innumerable new highs since then MJWL cracked TWENTY cents, with shares changing hands for as much as .221. From our observed low of six weeks ago, that works out to an overall increase of 2251%, making it our hottest OTC play of the year so far.

Marin Software, Inc. MRIN – Review:

Speaking of impressive stock runs, MRIN is a NASDAQ play that we began tracking in our report on the morning of June 24th. It isn’t often that we see such intense PPS gains in the higher cap stocks over such a short period, but in this current market anything is possible, and MRIN’s run has been impressive.

On the morning of our intial alert the stock was as low as 2.56. After nearly a week of big sessions, yesterday’s took the cake as MRIN soared to a new high of 18.82. That works out to a four-session swing and total potential gains of 635%

Fresh Options Ideas:
BBBY Weekly $29.50-31 Calls

STZ Weekly $230-232.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Closing Out Another Fruitful Week

Innerscope Hearing Technologies, Inc. INND: 

Some of our regular readers may recall INND, an OTC stock we began following in the first week of February, at which time, we witnessed an amazing run from a .01 low up to an impressive .098 high for potential profits on the order of 880%

Since pulling back off of that high, the stock has made quite a nice rebound over the past month. INND came down to .0143, and has since returned to a high .059, for another upswing of 313% That bring our cumulative observed total gains on INND to 1193% in just a couple of months’ time.

We’ve seen volume and momentum pick up over the last week in particular, so we’ll continue to observe the situation in INND going forward as it may have a chance to retest those previous highs.

Constellation Brands Inc. STZ – Recap:

We were tracking some puts in the Constellation chain yesterday, which turned in some nice gains on the day as well.

We were looking at the STZ Weekly $222.50-217.50 Puts, however through a typo that we didn’t catch until after our email had gone out, the correct idea was only available to those who caught it on, where all of our newsletters are published daily. We are only human and sometimes errors occur, so that’s why it’s always a good idea to bookmark and check our site each day even if you receive our newsletters via email.

For those readers who do use the website regularly, the potential gains in those ideas were considerable: 

STZ Weekly $222.50-217.50 Puts
$222.50: 1.05-4.15 (+295%)
$220: .21-1.70 (+709%)
$217.50: .15-.35 (+133%)

Fresh Options Idea:
LEVI 04/16 $26-27 Calls

Extended Watchlist: