More Major Options Gainers

More New Highs Options 

When we updated readers on our bitcoin related options plays yesterday morning, we had already witnessed gains in the neighborhood of 200%  We made sure to caution our readers that we expected to see further gains in all targets based on the surging price of bitcoin, which has now surpassed $38K/BTC.

Our expectations were met to the letter, as the following new highs were tacked on. Here are the total possible gains that were on the table following our signaling of these targets:

RIOT Weekly $17-19 Calls 
$17: .65-2.75 (+323%)
$18: .52-2.96 (+469%)
$19: .35-2.20 (+529%)

MARA 01/15 $11-12 Calls
$11: 1.32-6.69 (+407%)
$12: 1.06-5.81 (+448%)

MARA 01/15 $13-15 Calls
: .80-5.00 (+525%)
$14: .62-4.27 (+589%)
$15: .50-3.65 (+630%)

Once again today, we feel as if more new highs are on the way for these contract sets, but we also want to stay at the money with our potential strikes, so we are going to add the MARA 01/15 $20 Calls and the RIOT Weekly $20-21 Calls.

Cannabis Plays Coming Back 

With the democrats winning control of the US senate in the GA runoffs, the odds of finally seeing marijuana reclassified at the federal level sooner rather than later, have now gone up considerably. Thus we would like to signal a couple of ideas related to the cannabis space, and will likely be more focused on related stock and options ideas going forward.

CGC Weekly $31-31.50 Calls
TLRY Weekly $11.50-12 Calls 

More Fresh Options Ideas

STZ Weekly $225-230 Calls
BBBY Weekly $20-19 Puts
WBA Weekly $43.50-44 Calls


OXNARD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp (“CURE” or the “Company”) (OTC: CURR), a technology-focused, vertically integrated drug delivery and product development company in the pharmaceutical and health & wellness space, announced today that the Company’s Chief Executive Officer Rob Davidson will be presenting at the H.C. Wainwright BioConnect 2021 Virtual Conference being held January 11-14. The presentation can be viewed beginning at 6:00 a.m. EST on January 11, 2021, and can be accessed here through registration and will be available online until January 14. (>>View Full PR)

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FDX, STZ Recaps & More

Options Recaps 

Most of our luck with the options calls we made this week was good, with very few exceptions. We’re going to wrap up this short trading week by highlighted both of the fresh sets of ideas we formulated in yesterday morning’s premarket report.

We had signaled interest in the FDX 07/02 $149-155 Calls as well as the STZ 07/02 $175-180 Calls and in both cases we saw some really nice intraday movement:

FDX 07/02 $149-155 Calls
 9.93-14.60 (+47%)
$150: 9.21-13.75 (+49%)
$152.50: 7.21-11.27 (+56%)
$155: 5.09-9.35 (+84%)

STZ 07/02 $175-180 Calls
$175: 6.90-16.60 (+141%)
$177.50: 5.89-12.50 (+112%)
$180: 3.20-9.90 (+209%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We’ll close the week out with a wide range of ideas to follow, with both near and extended term expirations. For more quick strike opportunities we would first look to earnings play LNN, and to the SPY, with the markets ripping in early trading. For a longer-term track we have AVA and NWN, a couple of bottom-bouncers that are looking technically ripe for more prolonged increases.

LNN 07/17 $95-100 Calls
SPY 07/02 $313-314 Calls
AVA 09/20 $40-45 Calls
NWN 09/20 $ 60-65 Calls 

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CAG Recap & More

Conagra Brands, Inc. CAG – Recap 

With the markets ripping again yesterday, one of the options ideas we had zeroed in on produced some really nice gain opportunities for us. We signaled the CAG 07/02 $33.50-34.50 Calls, and two out of three of those contracts logged double-bag gains on the day.

Here are the total ranges and possible profits that these calls provided:

CAG 07/02 $33.50-34.50 Calls
$33.50: 1.15-2.15 (+87%)
$34: .77-1.76 (+129%)
$34.50: .55-1.35 (+145%)


Fresh Ideas:
FDX 07/02 $149-155 Calls
STZ 07/02 $175-180 Calls

OncoCyte Corp. OCX

On OCX yesterday, we noticed a drastic change as the stock fell off a cliff on news that it would discontinue development of its DetermaDx liquid biopsy test. Purely from a technical perspective, we have to take notice when a stock gets chopped by half and falls to near annual lows in one session.

It leaves a lot of future opportunity for a bounceback on the table, so we’re going to signal a long term idea in the options chain, and begin monitoring the OCX 11/20 $2.50 Calls.

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