SPY, AAPL Updates & More

SPY, AAPL Updates

Yesterday morning, we updated readers on Monday’s fresh options ideas in the SPY and AAPL chains. We specifically warned readers to look out for further gains in our targeted plays, and unsurprisingly, we met with added increases on both sets.

In each case, the new highs we tacked on brought all of Monday’s calls into the multibag realm, while our added target from yesterday’s report, the AAPL 10/09 $110 Calls began their own ascent.

SPY Weekly $324-325 Calls
: 3.17-7.10 (+124%)
$325: 2.71-6.13 (+126%)

AAPL 10/09 $105-106 & $110 Calls 
$105: 4.25-9.90 (+133%)
$106: 4.00-9.17 (+129%)

$110: 4.44-5.95 (+34%)

Fresh Ideas:
NKE Weekly $127-129 Calls
CTAS 10/16 $330-340 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Multiple Fresh Options Plays

Options Review

Our primary focus in yesterday’s report was on a few sets of bearish options ideas, and with the markets indeed tacking on losses, we were able to witness some pretty solid intraday gain opportunities. We were looking at the chains the SPY, AAPL, and NKE, and in each case, our interests exhibited big moves.

Here’s a rundown of the single session gain possibilities we observed in those various targets:

SPY Weekly $335-333 Puts
: 1.70-4.62 (+172%)
$341: 1.37-4.00 (+192%)
$342: 1.14-3.44 (+202%)

AAPL Weekly $111.25-108.75 Puts
$340: 1.09-2.85 (+161%)
$341: .70-2.10 (+200%)
$342: .45-1.47 (+3372%)

NKE Weekly $118-117 Puts
$118: 3.90-5.09 (+31%)
$117: 3.28-4.70 (+43%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

BYND Weekly $150-149 Puts
BA Weekly $167.50 & 10/02 $175 Calls
MSFT Weekly $202.50-205 & 10/02 $210-215 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Bearish Options Ideas

FedEx Corp. FDX – Options Review

Despite having signaled our options idea FDX on Tuesday morning, it was a postmarket drop, thus, leading into yesterday’s session, the earnings were still untraded upon. We reminded readers yesterday morning to look out for what we expected to be a solid performance, and we were not wrong.

Our sole target, the FDX Weekly $237.50 Calls ran from a low of 7.95 all the way up to 19.00 for us, which mean our idea has been good for a gain of up to 139% to this point.

Options Ideas With the markets flailing and looking to be set up for a lackluster day, we are going to open things up today and track a few sets of bearish options ideas for the SPY, AAPL, and NKE chains.

SPY Weekly $335-333 Puts
AAPL Weekly $111.25-108.75 Puts
NKE Weekly $118-117 Puts

Extended Watchlist: