ERII | Energy Recovery, Inc. | Nearing 52-Week Low

Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERII)

For all the bottom-fishers out there, ERII is a NASDAQ stock that is approaching its 52wk low. Just look at the 1-year chart on this thing, and the opportunities it has presented from these low levels. We are going to want to monitor this for its absolute bottom for a few reasons.

In addition to a chart that is looking more and more like an upcoming bottom-play, this was taken from an 8-K filed this morning: “On February 24, 2012, ERI announced internally that Tim Dyer, who has served as chief technology officer and was a named executive officer in last year’s proxy statement, is transitioning out of the chief technology role and into a critical position working on ceramics engineering issues as part of the manufacturing team. Dr. Prem Krish is assuming the position of chief technology officer.”

Couple that with the fact of an impending earnings release, and we find a story worth following over the next few weeks:Tom Rooney, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Alex Buehler, Chief Financial Officer, will host a conference call on Thursday, March 8, 2012 to discuss financial results from the fourth quarter and full year.

EARNINGS RELEASE: Thursday, March 8, 2012

LIVE CONFERENCE CALL WEBCAST: Thursday, March 8, 2012, 1:30pm PST Listen-only, Toll-free: 877-941-8609 Listen-only, Local: 480-629-9692 Access code: 4507700

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Efftec International, Inc. | EFFI | Green Technology Stock

EffTec International, Inc. EFFI

We flagged EFFI as a momentum play yesterday, after the stock surged strongly on well over ten times its 10-day average volume. This is a stock that we could really come to like in the long term, simply based off of the exciting technology they offer.

The EffTrack(TM)  web-based analysis tool for water-based HVAC chillers has been proven to reduce energy costs associated with industrial-scale systems by 15-25%

The technology is Energy Star Approved, and as a result, Efftec is a member of the US Green Building Council for its efforts to help reduce the carbon footprints of water-based HVAC systems. The technology also lowers the average amount of water consumed by these systems considerably. HVAC Chillers are often a large building’s most demanding implements with regard to electricity usage. EFFI offers a real-world solution to this issue.

In this, EFFI stands alone– no other company in existence offers an HVAC streamlining solution of this magnitude facilitated by proprietary hardware and software. Are we pitch-men for the company? No, we just love the concept!

In a time when water conservation, and carbon emission reduction are at all-time high levels of significance, Efftec is on the leading edge of a minority in business– a group that seems to care as much about how their model affects the environment as they do about their bottom line. The world could certainly use more Efftec’s!

Couple all that with a chart on fire, and it’s easy to understand how we see EFFI as a big deal, and a stock that will remain upon our watchlists for the foreseeable future.

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EFFI | EffTec International, Inc. | Momentum Alert

EffTec International, Inc. EFFI

EFFI is one promising stock that hit our radars today. Despite being up significantly, the stock has traded close to 13x its 10-day average volume, so we thought that certainly qualified for a momentum alert.

The stock has been rather thinly traded until now, so we think it should be interesting to see where this surge in activity will take EFFI.

Just a little background on the company, EffTec’s flagship product is EffTrack(TM), an Internet-based analysis tool for water-based HVAC chillers. The patented system has been proven to reduce energy costs associated with large HVAC systems by 15-25%

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