Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ACGX Presenting @ WeedStock Conference Today

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX

We thought this morning would be a good time to touch upon ACGX again; for those readers that may be new to our reports, this printing and packaging stock has made repeat appearances in our newsletters dating back to 2012, and most recently, provided us with significant chances to profit.

We tracked ACGX over a 100% move back in April when the stock traded from .0055-.011, and followed as it came back to find support at the .0035-level the following month. From there, we saw another solid run up to a subsequent high of .0064, good for up to 82% in gains. Over the past several sessions the stock came back to bounce off of support at .0039, and on Thursday and Friday last week it began to move once again, back to the .005’s, so we want to keep an eye on ACGX as this new trading week kicks off.

As you can see on the chart below, ACGX has just seen the beginnings of another bullish trend. The primary area of resistance rests in the channel from the 50DMA (.0057) to the previous swing high of .0064. A break past that point, and we could really be looking at some serious gains.

As many of you already know, the 1st Annual WeedStock Cannabis Investor Conference  is currently underway in Denver, CO, and ACGX will be making a presentation this morning (@10:45am in Classroom B). We’ll be anxious to see what the company may report in the near future on its experience at the show, and of course, we have representatives at the show as well, so we’ll be sure to relay our first-hand account of the event to everyone!

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: 1st Annual WeedStock Conference Just Days Away!

Cannabis Industry Alert!

Time is running out for anyone who wishes to attend a huge event for the continually expanding cannabis sector! The start of the show is just days away!

Whether you trade marijuana stocks, are directly involved in the industry, or are simply interested in learning more and making valuable connections, this is the show for you. We’ve made a killing on cannabis stocks this year, and are so excited about where the industry is headed, we had to grab tickets to this landmark event.

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We dont know exactly how many tickets are left, but we do know that the supply is very limited, so if you’re going to be in Denver this week, or can get there, be sure not to miss out on this epic event.

Twitter, Inc. TWTR -Options

Just to update our readers on a focal point from throughout the week; TWTR Option Calls continued to provide us with chances to gain on Thursday, as the stock made a significant move from the 39.80’s up to 42.00.

If TWTR can manage another bullish move today, we’d expect action in the $41-42 Calls to get rather interesting. The premarket has the stock trading just below $41, so we’ll need to keep our head on a swivel and gauge the trend as trading commences.

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FB, TWTR, POWR, ONVO & More

Facebook, Inc.  FB
& Twitter, Inc. TWTR

After we included FB and TWTR in our extended watchlist yesterday, the two social media giants both made positive moves on the day. The uptrends made trading in the options chains of each of these plays a lucrative venture for the session.

For example, looking at some of the options contracts that were relatively close to the money, FB $66 calls went from .48-1.64, and $67 Calls were as low as .21 and closed at .86. TWTR $39 Calls were also moving, trading in a range from  .24 to .90. No matter what big-board stock you’re looking at options in, the heaviest action will usually be close to the money (i.e. Current market price as it relates to the “strike-price” of a given contract)

PowerSecure International, Inc. POWR

POWR was a feature in yesterday’s report, wherein we tagged the stock for its potential to fill in a huge gap on its chart that goes all the way to the $18-range. We began to see the gap beginning to fill as POWR would make a modest intraday run to a high of 9.79.

We’re going to leave this play on our watchlist as we head into the week’s end and beyond, as it still has much ground to recover. A return to pre-gap levels on the chart would still equate to gains in excess of 100% from here, and there isn’t a whole lot in the way of obvious resistance until we hit the 50DMA (12.27).

On the options side of things, we’re particularly interested in the August $10 Calls (Closed at .75 yesterday), because if POWR can test that 50DMA by 08/16, we could be looking at triple-bag gains from those contracts.

Organovo Holdings, Inc. ONVO

We placed ONVO on watch in Tuesday’s report, as we noticed that unlike some of the other players in the 3D printing industry, it had yet to show a significant uptrend on the chart, and we thought it might be due to make a move.

It appears that alert was quite timely, as the stock is beginning to rear its head,  gapping up today to the tune of 13% in premarket trading. Key resistance at the 200DMA (8.07) has been broken, and if we can hold above that mark, the next areas of resistance crop up at 8.65, and 9.35.

Comments on Today’s GoPro IPO

A large portion of the buzz on the Street today is emanating from the highly-anticipated GoPro Initial Price Offering, and we’re going to take the same stance we always take in these situations.

Our M/O when a big IPO comes out has always been to wait in the wings until we can gauge the price action. Once we get a good feel for the nature of the beast, it’s then that we’ll step in and utilize the trends to our best advantage in the options chain. This strategy served us well on both the FB and TWTR IPO’s, so we’ll continue to use it here.

Extended Watchlist: