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WD-40 Company WDFC – Options Update:  

As we close out this holiday-shortened week, we’ll start off by giving an update on the options idea we put forth in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We were looking at the WDFC 07/16 $250-270 Calls on the heels of the company’s earnings drop from the day prior.

The stock itself ran to nearly $280 before tapering back and that provided some very nice intraday gain opportunities for anyone who had caught our alert. Here are the intraday trading ranges and total possible gains on those targets:

WDFC 07/16 $250-270 Calls
$250: 20.32-26.15 (+29%)
$260: 7.81-16.67 (+113%)
$270: 4.31-8.18 (+90%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GBX 07/16 $40 Calls
LEVI 07/16 $29-30 Calls  

Carver Bancorp Inc. CARV – Recap:

Additionally, we want to go over the performance of CARV following its inclusion in yesterday’s extended watchlist. A short-squeeze provided an excellent intraday move for a stock in this price range.

CARV ran from 16.61 to a new high of 38.87 on the day marking an upswing of 134% on volume of over 82X the 30-day moving average!

Extended Watchlist:

Reviewing Recent Runners, Fresh Ideas

Elray Resources, Inc. ELRA – OTC Recap:

We caught sight of ELRA midway through last week, and noticed that the stock had been experiencing a marked rise in volume and liquidity. As a result, we placed it on our daily watchlists in our premarket reports Thursday and Friday morning.

ELRA continued to build on its momentum, recording a considerable two session run from our vantage point. From Thursday’s low of .0023, it reached .0049 on Friday, which represents a 113% increase. With the ongoing momentum buildup it has exhibited over the past several sessions, we’ll want to keep an eye on it as we kick off a new trading week.

Friday’s Options Runners:

On Friday morning, we reported the gains in our PYPL options idea from Thursday’s report, the PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls. We mentioned that we expected to see even more gains added to those figures based on its premarket activity, and that assumption proved accurate.

Below are the total two-day swings recorded by those contract sets, as well as Friday’s numbers on the two runners from our fresh ideas, the ROKU Weekly $307.50-315 Calls and SQ Weekly $227.50-235 Calls:

PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls
.64-3.85 (+501%)
$257.50: .38-2.00 (+426%)
$260: .23-1.20 (+422%)

ROKU Weekly $307.50-315 Calls
 14.72-26.10 (+77%)
$310: 12.46-25.53 (+105%)
$312.50: 11.38-21.68 (+91%)
$315: 2.18-5.05 (+132%)

SQ Weekly $227.50-235 Calls 
$227.50: 4.25-8.28 (+95%)
$230: 2.10-6.37 (+203%)
$232.50: .65-3.80 (+485%)
$235: .18-1.64 (+811%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
BNTX Weekly $195-197.50 Calls
TSN Weekly $79-79.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Explosive Options Gains, More New Ideas

Options Train Keeps Rolling:

Once again, we’re kicking off our daily report with positive options trading highlights. With an assist from the markets which reversed off of the previous sessions’ bearishness and pushed to new highs all day, all of the quick-strike weekly options plays we signaled in yesterday morning’s report experienced considerable intraday moves.

We were looking at the ISRG Weekly $835-850 Calls, the EW Weekly $89.50-92 Calls, and the NFLX Weekly $495-505 Calls, and some of the targets therein produced exceedingly impressive runs on the day. The ranges and total possible daily profits in those contract sets were as follows:

ISRG Weekly $835-850 Calls 
$835: 9.70-58.03 (+498%)
$840: 4.30-51.90 (+1106%)
$845 : 5.42-44.60 (+723%)
$850 : 2.35-43.63 (+1756%)

EW Weekly $89.50-92 Calls 
$89.50: 2.50-6.50 (+160%)
$90: 1.30-5.62 (+332%)
$91 : 1.11-4.40 (+296%)
$92 : .50-3.70 (+640%)

NFLX Weekly $495-505 Calls
$495: 13.00-20.58 (+58%)
$497.50: 12.00-18.51 (+54%)
$500 : 9.20-16.79 (+82%)
$502.50 : 8.00-14.22 (+78%)
$505 : 6.08-12.73 (+109%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BA Weekly $235-237.50 Calls
BA 05/07 $242.50-245 Calls
EFX 05/21 $210-220 Calls
KMI Weekly $16.50-17 Calls

Blue Sphere Corp. BLSP – We also had BLSP jump off of yesterday’s extended watchlist and make a considerable move. Our watchlists are typically where you can find our more speculative interests such as OTC plays. In this case the stock bore a Caveat Emptor designation which is typically something to steer clear of, but our decision to include it in our report was good one.

We saw a sizable intraday run from a low of .0028 to a high of .006, which marks a very respectable move of 114%

Extended Watchlist: