Closing Out a Fruitful Trading Week

Options Recap: 

We offered up a good mix of options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, most of which worked out for us. We’ll leave out the September calls we signaled in CRMT because that idea is going to take a little time to mature, but the other three plays we highlighted turned in solid performances on the day.

We were looking at the CAG 04/08 $35-33 Puts, the STZ 04/08 $237.50-232.50 Puts, and the LW 04/15 $60 Calls. and got some pretty good intraday movement there.

CAG 04/08 $35-33 Puts
$35: .55-.85 (+54%)
$34: .19-.30 (+58%)
$33: .08-.15 (+88%)

STZ 04/08 $237.50-232.50 Puts
$237.50: 2.00-8.57 (+329%)
 3.50-10.50 (+200%)
$232.50: 6.19-13.50 (+118%)

LW 04/15 $60 Calls
$60: 3.50-6.05 (+73%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 04/08 $448-449 Calls
WDFC 04/14 $190-200 Calls
RH 05/13 $360-370 Calls 

Sunshine Biopharma, Inc. SBFM – Review:

We tagged SBFM for observation in our extended watchlist on Tuesday morning, at which time we observed the stock trading for as little as 4.86/share. After an after-hours surge, the stock0 has now traded for as much as 12.45. That works out to a three-day swing amounting to 156% for this NASDAQ play.

Extended Watchlist: 

2nd & 3rd Thousand Percent Gainers of the Year!

Inpixon INPX

We’re circling back this morning to update the new highs that we got from INPX on Friday. We were just mentioning in the premarket that morning, we have been tracking the stock since our report on 12/02. subsequent to which time we would observe a low of .037.

Friday’s new high came in at .65, which marks an incredible increase of 1657% in just over a month since our initial alert! The move registered as the second highest daily gainer on the NASDAQ for Friday, and the second thousand percent gainer we’ve delivered for our newsletter subscribers for the New Year!

Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. LW – Options Recap

Speaking of thousand percent gainers, we also bagged our third of 2020 with our fresh options idea from Friday morning’s report! We put the Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. LW 01/17 $85-90 Calls on watch, and the single session gain opportunities were excellent, including a twelve-bagger!

The $85 Calls ran from 1.76-9.30 for total gains of up to 428%, while the $90 Calls exploded from a low of .35 all the way up to 4.80. That goes down as an awesome intraday run of 1271%

Fresh Idea:
Cal Maine Foods, Inc. CALM Weekly $39-37.50 Puts 

Other Recent Gainers:

We alerted on ContraFect Corp. CFRX in our report from December 17th, and the stock has gone on to record a move from .38-.75 (+97%).

We put Cassava Sciences, Inc. SAVA on Thursday morning, and it finished the week with a two-day swing from 6.25-10.95, a gain of 75%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: More Bottom-Plays

Seres Therapeutics, Inc. MCRB 

It was a pretty slow start to the week yesterday with the markets gapping up early, but falling into decline throughout the session. That didn’t stop the one fresh idea we did have in our morning report from posting a respectable performance on the day.

We referred to MCRB as a ‘prime bottom play’ and while it didn’t exactly explode out of the gate, what we did see was certainly a step in the right direction. From a low of 2.63, the stock ran a modest but solid 16% to a high of 3.06. More importantly, it preserved its momentum by holding the three-dollar mark into the close. A good first day by any stretch of the imagination.

We’ll continue to monitor our longer term options idea that we included, the MCRB 07/19 $2.50 Calls which stand to do well in coming weeks if the stock can continue to maintain the current trend. Yesterday’s session was the fourth consecutive day that the stock has recorded higher lows, and we’ll want to see more of that moving forward.

Verastem Inc. VSTM 

Speaking of bottom plays, we’ve got another one to add to our radars this morning in VSTM. This stock has lost a ton of value over the past year, and recently began to show signs of a rebound. We like it for its technical setup and volatility potential. We will remain interested in tracking VSTM for as long as it can maintain support at 1.72 or better.

VSTM is considered by some to be a speculative buyout play as well. Just this week the company has reported positive early stage data on Copiktra, the company’s leukemia treatment under development. Definitely an interesting story to follow.


Celestica Inc. CLS

Perhaps even more attractive as a bottom play than the above mentioned stock, we’ve got CLS, which just began to show signs of life after recording a new annual low at the beginning of this month.

If the stock can manage to break its 50DMA at 7.09, there’s a real chance that it could produce significant gains, filling the gap to the topside on the chart. Interesting to naote about CLS as well, is that the company’s EPS has grown by nearly 90% over the past year. When taking that into consideration, its current valuation doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Extended Watchlist: