Wednesday’s Winners, 5 Fresh Options Ideas

Wednesday’s Winners:

For yesterday morning’s premarket report, we lofted possible targets in five separate options chains, and got back some mixed, but ultimately good results. Things have been a little light on the big name earnings front recently, but we’ve found some good opportunities elsewhere. We should start to see a ton more chances at earnings plays toward the end of the month, and until then we’ll continue to get creative when choosing our daily items of interest.

Our fresh ideas for the day on Wednesday were the NVDA Weekly $532.50-537.50 Calls, the WDFC 01/19 $250 Calls, the AEHR 01/19 $20 Puts, the SGH 01/19 $20 Calls, and the W 01/26 $55 Calls. With the expiration a little farther out on those W Calls, we’ll have to come back to those at a later date, but the rest of our plays we’re pretty good. Here were the intraday moves and total possible gains that they recorded:

NVDA Weekly $532.50-537.50 Calls
 8.60-16.00 (+86%)
$535: 7.13-14.00 (+96%)
$537.50: 6.10-12.20 (+100%)

WDFC 01/19 $250 Calls
 6.39-29.00 (+354%)

AEHR 01/19 $20 Puts
 1.00-1.95 (+95%)

SGH 01/19 $20 Calls
 1.00-1.90 (+90%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
INFY Weekly $18 Calls
KBH Weekly $62-61 Puts
MARA Weekly $26-27 Calls
COIN Weekly $155-157.50 Calls
NVDA Weekly $545-547.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: