Options Recap, 5 New Ideas

Wednesday’s Movers:

After selecting three possible options trading targets in our premarket report yesterday, we were met with good results right out of the gate on two of the three. We’ll keep those August ZM calls in our back pocket for the time being, because we’re still confident in the target in the coming weeks.

As for the ideas that did pan out instantly yesterday, we had the NVDA Weekly $133-134 Calls, and the SGH 07/19 $25 Calls. These were the intraday upswings they recorded for Wednesday’s session:

NVDA Weekly $133-134 Calls
 2.02-3.20 (+58%)
$134: 1.60-2.55 (+59%)

SGH 07/19 $25 Calls
 1.16-4.40 (+279%)

We have been targeting multiple options ideas with 07/19 expiration over the past few weeks, so we also wanted to circle back around for a play we alerted on last Tuesday morning, the MSM $75 Puts. It illustrates why it’s a good idea for us to continue tracking longer-term plays even if they don’t produce opportunities for us on the first day. The move in these puts was substantial.

MSM 07/19 $75 Puts
 .24-.83 (+246%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NVDA Weekly $135-136 Calls
SPY 07/11 $561-562 Calls*
DAL Weekly $43.50-42.50 Puts
WDFC 07/19 $250 Calls
TSLA Weekly $265 Calls

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced day traders

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Terrific Tuesday Recap, 3 New Opportunities

Solid Day Tuesday:

Things got right back on the serious winning track yesterday, with our premarket report for Tuesday’s session containing four fresh options plays, and all four of them recording significant intraday upswings for us. We kicked off the week with 2 out of 3 runners in our Monday report, which isn’t bad, but of course we highly prefer to sweep the board with a perfect day.

Yesterday’s flawless run was powered by the INTC Weekly $34.50 Calls, the NVDA Weekly $129-130 Calls, the SPY 07/09 $555-556 Calls, and the HELE 07/19 $70-65 Puts. Here were the figures they posted for the session:

INTC Weekly $34.50 Calls
 .30-.77 (+157%)

NVDA Weekly $129-130 Calls
$129: 3.25-5.73 (+76%)
$130: 2.63-4.95 (+88%)

SPY 07/09 $555-556 Calls
$555: 1.19-2.26 (+90%)
$556: .60-1.41 (+135%)

HELE 07/19 $70-65 Puts
$70: 5.20-7.10 (+37%)
$65: 1.85-3.40 (+84%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ZM 08/02 $57-58 Calls
NVDA Weekly $133-134 Calls
SGH 07/19 $25 Calls

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced day traders

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Wednesday’s Winners, 5 Fresh Options Ideas

Wednesday’s Winners:

For yesterday morning’s premarket report, we lofted possible targets in five separate options chains, and got back some mixed, but ultimately good results. Things have been a little light on the big name earnings front recently, but we’ve found some good opportunities elsewhere. We should start to see a ton more chances at earnings plays toward the end of the month, and until then we’ll continue to get creative when choosing our daily items of interest.

Our fresh ideas for the day on Wednesday were the NVDA Weekly $532.50-537.50 Calls, the WDFC 01/19 $250 Calls, the AEHR 01/19 $20 Puts, the SGH 01/19 $20 Calls, and the W 01/26 $55 Calls. With the expiration a little farther out on those W Calls, we’ll have to come back to those at a later date, but the rest of our plays we’re pretty good. Here were the intraday moves and total possible gains that they recorded:

NVDA Weekly $532.50-537.50 Calls
 8.60-16.00 (+86%)
$535: 7.13-14.00 (+96%)
$537.50: 6.10-12.20 (+100%)

WDFC 01/19 $250 Calls
 6.39-29.00 (+354%)

AEHR 01/19 $20 Puts
 1.00-1.95 (+95%)

SGH 01/19 $20 Calls
 1.00-1.90 (+90%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
INFY Weekly $18 Calls
KBH Weekly $62-61 Puts
MARA Weekly $26-27 Calls
COIN Weekly $155-157.50 Calls
NVDA Weekly $545-547.50 Calls

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