A Selection of July Calls & More

Winning Options Review: 

We were pleased to start off the short trading week with a bang yesterday, getting right back on track with a couple of options trading ideas that netted some good intraday gain opportunities for anyone who was paying attention. The markets ripped all day long, so it was definitely a good time to go bullish on the SPY.

We did so with the SPY 06/21 $369-371 Calls, and we also stuck in an idea for the one earnings play that stood out to us on the day, the LEN Weekly $64-66 Calls. In both cases, the potential profits reach multibag territory. Those moves were as follows:

SPY 06/21 $369-371 Calls
 3.76-7.43 (+98%)
$370: 2.88-6.52 (+126%)
$371: 2.59-5.50 (+112%)

LEN Weekly $64-66 Calls

$64: 1.90-4.03 (+112%)
$65: 1.88-4.00 (+113%)
$66: 1.05-3.23 (+208%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re in the midst of an earnings drought that is going to persist for at least a few more weeks, but we’re still trucking right along, working with what we’ve got. Today’s earnings play that stands out in the premarket is from the Winnebago chain, while we’ve also noticed some insider buying near the bottom on NLOK.

WGO 07/15 $45-50 Calls
NLOK 07/15 $24-25 Calls
FL 07/15 $31-32 Calls

Revlon, Inc. REV – Recap: 

We’ve also got an update on Revlon, which we tagged for observation on Friday morning. The stock has followed that alert up with two nice sessions in a row now. Our observed range for that period is 2.73-6.95 (+155%) This morning’s premarket high of 8.39 marks an overall increase of 207% over just a few trading days!

Extended Watchlist: 

GTOR PR Update, Fresh Options Plays

Options Review:

We saw good activity in two out of three of yesterday morning’s fresh options ideas, despite a massively bearish day for the markets as a whole. Our targets were the AMR 03/18 $120-130 Calls, and the VET 03/18 $20-22.50 Calls, and while the intraday moves we witnessed certainly weren’t mind-blowing, they were highly respectable.

During tumultuous times such as these, it still represents a victory. We work hard to roll with the punches and continue to do the same things that we have hung our hats on for many years, always keeping our eyes on the prize!

AMR 03/18 $120-130 Calls
 11.84-16.48 (+39%)
$125: 7.98-12.40 (+55%)
$130: 7.63-12.00 (+57%)

VET 03/18 $20-22.50 Calls
 1.25-2.60 (+108%)
$22.50: .40-1.11 (+177%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DKS Weekly $101-104 Calls
WOOF Weekly $17.50-18.50 Calls
OLPX 03/18 $15 Calls

Ggtoor, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GTOR) – News Update: 

We’ve got another of GTOR’s weekly shareholder letters to update our readers on this morning. The company’s dedication to transparency and engagement with its investment community is second to none.

The news from this week’s update bodes very well for the direction in which GTOR is heading. The company continues to grow its player base, as well as seeing website traffic figures that put those of a year ago to shame.

THOMASVILLE, GA, March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — GGTOOR, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GTOR) (“GGTOOR, Inc.”, “GTOR”, or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the eSports markets, announces this week, over 1,250 players registered to compete in our events!

John V Whitman Jr., GGToor CEO, said, “On November 15, 2021, the Company announced for the twelve months ended May 31, 2021, total website impressions were a dismal 107,995 or just 8,999 per month. The five months ended May 31, 2021, the Company had grown to an impressive 9,319,019 impressions or an average of 1,863,803 per month. Today, I am absolutely proud to announce web impressions for January 2022 were 6,576,351 and February 2022, web impressions were 7,371,957. In 2022 the Company is averaging 6,974,154 web impressions per month vs 8,999 just eight months ago. You want evidence management is growing your company, here it is!” (>>View Full PR)

More New Highs: 

We’ve got yet another update on these two stocks that we were just mentioning yesterday morning. Typically we would hold off from mentioning the same thing two days in a row, but the new highs that these plays registered yesterday were simply too impressive to ignore.

Below you will find the updated trading range information, and total possible gains on these incredible runners, and of course links to our original reports tagging these stocks for the first time:

Indonesia Energy Corp. Ltd. INDO
Initial Alert: Feb. 23rd
Range: 6.83-86.99
Gained: +1174%

Imperial Petroleum, Inc. IMPP
Initial Alert: Feb. 22nd
Range:  .631-8.40
Gained: +1231%

Extended Watchlist:

Bucking the Trend with Options

Big Time Options Success: 

Despite the markets sliding over the Russia-Ukraine conflict anxieties, we managed to round up a fair few options winners in our premarket report yesterday morning. Only one longer term idea failed to instantly materialize, with all of our quick strike options plays posting solid gains on the day.

Not only do we have updates on those targets, but we also have a recap of our idea on PBR in Tuesday’s report, so the figures we have to present here are from the TJX Weekly $65-63 Puts, the PANW Weekly $495-505 Calls, the LOW Weekly $217.50-222.50 Calls, the OSTK Weekly $41-44 Calls, and the PBR Weekly $14-15 Calls.

Here are the moves posted and the total possible gains for traders who were in the mix:

TJX Weekly $65-63 Puts
$65: 1.00-3.21 (+221%)
$64: .70-2.74 (+291%)
$63: .50-1.90 (+280%)

PANW Weekly $495-505 Calls
$495: 1.60-4.51 (+182%)
$497.50: 1.95-3.55 (+82%)
$500: 1.16-3.31 (+185%)
$505: .90-2.20 (+144%)

LOW Weekly $217.50-222.50 Calls
$217.50: 6.22-10.90 (+75%)
$220: 4.45-8.80 (+98%)
$222.50: 3.30-7.00 (+112%)

OSTK Weekly $41-44 Calls 
$41: 5.22-9.20 (+76%)
$42: 4.35-8.83 (+102%)
$43: 3.70-8.50 (+130%)
$44: 3.34-6.51 (+95%)

PBR Weekly $14-15 Calls
$14: .43-.82 (+91%)
$14.50: .22-.45 (+105%)
$15: .11-.23 (+109%)

Fresh Options:
BABA Weekly $108-105 Puts
MRNA Weekly $127-131 Calls
SPY 02/24 $416-414 Puts*

*Please use caution when trading options on their day of expiration. It should only be attempted by experienced traders with access to disposable funds!

Extended Watchlist: