Tuesday’s Options Sweep, Fresh Ideas

Yesterdays’ Runners: 

Our decision to flip mostly to the bullish side of things for yesterday’s fresh options trading ideas proved to be correct, as the markets enjoyed a strong session, and helped facilitate some nice activity in our targeted prospects. That having been said, the one bearish play we formulated also recorded some decent intraday movement as well, leaving us with a clean sweep of all four of our ideas.

Our focus was on the SPY 03/14 $386-388 Calls, the GTLB Weekly $40-30 Puts, the AMLX Weekly $35 Calls, and the COIN Weekly $63-65 Calls, and here are the highlights of their daily moves for Tuesday, which included some really nice chances for quick profits- especially in the SPY:

SPY 03/14 $386-388 Calls
 1.51-5.97 (+295%)
$387: .84-5.14 (+511%)
$388: .40-4.12 (+930%)

GTLB Weekly $40-30 Puts
 6.70-9.09 (+36%)
$35: 2.75-4.29 (+56%)
$30: .50-1.15 (+130%)

AMLX Weekly $35 Calls
$35: 1.95-3.90 (+100%)

COIN Weekly $63-65 Calls
$63: 2.90-4.31 (+49%)
$64: 2.40-3.77 (+57%)
$65: 2.02-3.30 (+63%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 03/15 $387-385 Puts
SMAR Weekly $40 Calls
S Weekly $14-15 Calls
CCI 04/21 $135-140 Calls
MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Putting a Cap on a Fruitful Short Week

Options Review: 

We went bearish on the pair of options ideas that we highlighted for yesterday morning’s premarket report, and they posted some pretty nice intraday moves, considering the markets as a whole went on an impressive daily run.

Our areas of interest were the HELE 07/15 $160-150 Puts, and the SLP Weekly $55-50 Puts. Both ranges of contracts yielded two separate chances to pocket multibag proceeds on the day, with the SLP $50 Puts stealing the show on the strength of a massive four-bagger. Those potential gains were as follows:

HELE 07/15 $160-150 Puts
7.80-10.30 (+32%)
$155: 2.55-6.40 (+151%)
$150: 1.54-3.25 (+111%)

SLP Weekly $55-50 Puts 
$55: 1.60-4.00 (+150%)
$50: .15-.88 (+487%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LEVI Weekly $17 Calls*
WDFC 07/15 $190-185 Calls

*Trading options on their day of expiration can carry a heightened level of risk and should only be attempted by seasoned traders.

United Maritime Corp. USEA – NASDAQ Recap: 

Our daily extended watchlists are typically a mix of the stocks from both the upper and lower exchanges, and while we usually don’t see the type of quick gains USEA posted yesterday from a NASDAQ stock, it did post a solid daily run and is gapping up in premarket trading this morning. The stock traded for as little as 6.16 a share following yesterday’s alert, and this morning it has reached as high as 10.12 in early trading, which represents an overnight increase of 64%

Extended Watchlist: