Tuesday’s Options Sweep, Fresh Ideas

Yesterdays’ Runners: 

Our decision to flip mostly to the bullish side of things for yesterday’s fresh options trading ideas proved to be correct, as the markets enjoyed a strong session, and helped facilitate some nice activity in our targeted prospects. That having been said, the one bearish play we formulated also recorded some decent intraday movement as well, leaving us with a clean sweep of all four of our ideas.

Our focus was on the SPY 03/14 $386-388 Calls, the GTLB Weekly $40-30 Puts, the AMLX Weekly $35 Calls, and the COIN Weekly $63-65 Calls, and here are the highlights of their daily moves for Tuesday, which included some really nice chances for quick profits- especially in the SPY:

SPY 03/14 $386-388 Calls
 1.51-5.97 (+295%)
$387: .84-5.14 (+511%)
$388: .40-4.12 (+930%)

GTLB Weekly $40-30 Puts
 6.70-9.09 (+36%)
$35: 2.75-4.29 (+56%)
$30: .50-1.15 (+130%)

AMLX Weekly $35 Calls
$35: 1.95-3.90 (+100%)

COIN Weekly $63-65 Calls
$63: 2.90-4.31 (+49%)
$64: 2.40-3.77 (+57%)
$65: 2.02-3.30 (+63%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 03/15 $387-385 Puts
SMAR Weekly $40 Calls
S Weekly $14-15 Calls
CCI 04/21 $135-140 Calls
MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TRTC, RPRX Recaps & MKHD

Mount Knowledge Holdings, Inc. MKHD

MKHD is one that we want to flag this morning after our news scanner picked up an intriguing PR that just hit the wires. Apparently the company has moved to acquire cyber-security firm Civergy, Inc, which apparently generated revenue in excess of $35M last year.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this stock, which is unaccustomed to heavy trading, responds to this significant development.

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – September 29, 2014) – Mount Knowledge Holdings, Inc. (MKHD), a software development and sales company focused on providing innovative technology solutions announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Civergy, Inc, >>> VIEW PR

Terra Tech Corp. TRTC

Among the cannabis plays that we were watching for a resurgence on Friday was TRTC, which put forth a significantly fruitful session as the stock came out of the gate at .25 and ran up as high as .33 on volume exceeding twice the 3-month average.

That move was good for intraday gains of up to 32% and marked the fourth consecutive day that TRTC registered both higher lows and higher highs. It leaves the stock firmly near the top of our marijuana watchlist which is certain to garner more attention as we approach voting season.

Repros Therapeutics, Inc. RPRX

We also saw a nice pop out of RPRX, which appeared in Friday’s extended watchlist, and would go on to post a solid performance on the day. After trading as low as 9.23, we witnessed a run to 11.18, a bullish move of 21% on just a shade under four times its 3-month average volume.

It’s a good signal that after the recent beatdown of the stock from the $14+ range that we’re seeing a turnaround, so we’ll definitely have RPRX on our radar going forward.

Extended Watchlist: