Options Recaps, 5 Fresh Ideas to End the Week

Thursday’s Options Winners:

Our streak of perfection sadly came to an end yesterday, but we’re still very proud of the accuracy we were able to achieve for seven straight days. We still hit on the majority of yesterday’s selections, however, and that’s the real takeaway here. While no one can be perfect¬†all of the time, we strive to come as close as humanly possible, and typically do a very good job at that. We wok hard every day to bring our readers what we feel are some of the choicest opportunities to turn a quick profit on a daily basis.

Yesterday’s movers were the BUD Weekly $63-64 Calls, the SHEL Weekly $59-60 Calls, and the SHOP Weekly $53-55 Calls, and the intraday runs they exhibited were quite good. Here’s the breakdown on their activity for the day:

BUD Weekly $63-64 Calls
2.01-2.79 (+39%)
$64: 1.20-2.27 (+89%)

SHEL Weekly $59-60 Calls
.70-1.23 (+76%)
$59.50: .50-.95 (+90%)
$60: .15-.45 (+200%)

SHOP Weekly $53-55 Calls
$53: 2.31-6.75 (+192%)
$54: 1.11-5.80 (+422%)
$55: 1.21-5.00 (+313%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 05/05 $406-407.50 Calls*
AAPL Weekly $165-170 Calls*
CI Weekly $247.50-250 Calls*
JCI 05/19 $60-62.50 Calls
CVNA Weekly $9.50-10 Calls*

*Trading contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced options traders! 

Extended Watchlist: