Monday’s Performance, 3 New Possibilities

A Good Start to the Week:

All in all, it was a good start to the fresh trading week on Monday. Our premarket report contained two quick-strike options ideas, and a couple of longer-term suggestions. Out of those four possible plays, three of them produced immediate results for us, putting up some nice intraday upswings.

Those targets were the SPY 03/18 $512-513 Calls, the TSLA Weekly $167.50-170 Calls and the ERJ 04/19 $25 Calls. Below are the intraday increases they recorded:

SPY 03/18 $512-513 Calls
: 2.32-3.63 (+56%)
$513: .19-.44 (+132%)

TSLA Weekly $167.50-170 Calls
: 3.60-8.95 (+149%)
$170: 2.63-7.15 (+172%)

ERJ 04/19 $25 Calls
$25: .25-.65 (+160%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
STNE Weekly $16.50-15.50 Puts
DLO 04/19 $16-15 Puts
TMP 05/17 $45-50 Calls

Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. (NYSE:LICY) – Recap: 

We’ve been tracking LICY since the morning of the 13th, and in that time, the stock has made quite a nice move in a positive direction. From its low of .6537 on the morning of our initial report, the stock has gone on to hit 1.50 in premarket trading this morning. That represents an observed run of 129% for us in just the past five trading days.

Extended Watchlist: