Elite Options Plays & More

Continued Options Success: 

It has been an incredible week of options trading success for the plays we’ve discussed in our newsletters. Landmark gains have been falling our way all week long, with very few exceptions.

After a 4-for-4 Wednesday, we submitted three ideas for yesterday’s premarket report, and made it a 3-for-3 Thursday! Our targets were the BBY Weekly $117-119 Calls, the DG Weekly $197.50-202.50 Calls, and the WSM 06/18 $175-180 Calls.

Here are the potential gains made possible by that clean sweep of hot ideas:

BBY Weekly $117-119 Calls 

$117: 1.15-3.50 (+204%)
$118: .76-2.81 (+270%)
$119: .50-1.87 (+274%)

DG Weekly $197.50-202.50 Calls
5.58-9.78 (+74%)
$200: 3.50-7.86 (+125%)
$202.50: 2.00-5.56 (+178%)

WSM 06/18 $175-180 Calls
$175: 2.39-4.95 (+107%)
$180: 1.50-3.75 (+150%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ULTA Weekly $335-345 Calls*
CRM Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls*

*Please don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds! 

Peloton Interactive, Inc. PTON:

On Monday morning, we furnished our readers with both a weekly and a longer-term set of ideas for PTON. Those were the PTON Weekly $101-103 Calls and the PTON 06/11 $105-107 Calls.

We have seen some simply incredible gains this week off of these ideas, which stand out as some of our top picks of the entire week:

PTON Weekly $101-103 Calls
$101: 1.30-11.85 (+812%)
$102: 1.00-10.90 (+990%)
$103: .76-9.50 (+1150%)

PTON 06/11 $105-107 Calls
$105: 2.17-9.17 (+323%)
$106: 1.88-8.53 (+353%)
$107: 1.79-7.60 (+325%)

OTC Recaps:

We’ve also got a couple of updates on the performances of some OTC plays we’ve been tracking. We started tagging EEGI heavily beginning on April 26th and several times thereafter, including yesterday, and it nearly breached the penny barrier. NSPT is a newcomer to our reports as of Monday, and it has fared quite well so far.

Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. EEGI
First Alert: 04/26
Subsequent Range: .0005-.0097
Total Possible Gain:+1840%

Newron Sport, Inc. NSPT
First Alert: 05/24
Subsequent Range: .0033-.0086
Total Possible Gain:+161%

Extended Watchlist:

Explosive Gains in the YETI Chain & More

More SPY Updates:

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, we mentioned that we felt the markets were due for a reversal off of the bearish trend they had established up to that point. After tracking some very nice gains in SPY Puts over that span, we flip-flopped and targeted some SPY Calls fresh for yesterday’s report.

Those were the SPY 05/14 $406-407.50 Calls and they produced considerable intraday movement that could have been seized upon by anyone who caught our alert. Here are the double-bag moves and total possible gains that were on the table there:

 SPY 05/14 $406-407.50 Calls.
$406: 3.32-6.70 (+102%)
$407: 2.76-5.82 (+111%)
$407.50: 2.46-5.40 (+120%)

We also want to roll up to the SPY 05/14 $411-412.50 Calls* for today’s session.

YETI Holdings Inc. YETI

We also formulated some ideas for the YETI chain that recorded some simply earth-shattering gains on the day yesterday. The was the star idea of our daily report, yielding some truly fantastic gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers.

Uncovering gainers of such magnitude is a common occurrence on our newsletters and website (BlueHorseshoeStocks.com), and still, every time it happens it produces a similar feeling of exhilaration! Here were the absolutely massive intraday runs logged by those calls.

YETI Weekly $83-85 Calls 
$83: .48-3.10 (+546%)
$84: .05-2.50 (+4900%)
$85: .10-1.87 (+1770%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
COIN Weekly $270-277.50 Calls*
DASH Weekly $122-125 Calls*
FTCH 05/21 $35-40 Calls
PBR Weekly $9-9.50 Calls* 

*Please remember that trading options on their day of expiration should only be attempted by advanced level traders with access to disposable funds!  

Extended Watchlist:

Bears and Bulls on the Run

Diverse Options Picks Produce: 

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, we took an interest in options ideas both bearish and bullish. Things looked choppy for the markets in general, so we took a shot with the SPY 05/12 $415-413 Puts, which produced considerable multibag runs roughly 90 minutes into the session.

We also called attention to the RBLX Weekly $63-64 Calls on the heels of the company’s earnings report, which dropped with a beat on revenue and solid user growth figures. That created the opportunity for the intraday move posted in those contracts.

The total possible daily profits that could have been seized with those ideas were as follows:

SPY 05/12 $415-413 Puts
$415: 1.99-5.77 (+190%)
$414: 1.66-4.98 (+200%)
$413: 1.33-4.29 (+223%)

RBLX Weekly $63-64 Calls
$63: 3.70-12.42 (+236%)
$63.50: 3.55-12.50 (+252%)
$64: 2.21-13.70 (+544%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UPST 05/21 $110-120 Calls
OPEN 05/21 $17.50 Calls
U 05/21 $85-90 Calls 

Thai Airways International Public Co. Ltd. TAWNF – OTC Recap:

Yesterday, TAWNF demonstrated the importance of laying out our daily extended watchlists on your own viewscreens. There is almost always a clear standout, and we have been uncovering quite a few prime OTC plays in this manner.

The stock identified itself as the best of the bunch yesterday with a run up from its session low of  .105 and hit .329. That marked an intraday rip of 213% on the highest daily volume ever recorded in the stock.

Extended Watchlist: