Breaking for Thanksgiving on a High Note

Another Solid Options Effort:

We took a bold stance in yesterday morning’s premarket report, going bearish on all three sets of options ideas we formulated for the session. While all three target stocks turned in green candles on the day, the first couple hours of the session definitely played into our hands nicely. There were substantial opportunities for gains on the table for all three of our interests.

We were targeting the URBN Weekly $35-33 Puts, the DLTR Weekly $132-130 Puts, and the BBY Weekly $122-119 Puts. The following are the morning ranges and total possible profits that could have been attained off of these ideas:

URBN Weekly $35-33 Puts
 1.70-3.20 (+88%)
$34: .90-2.30 (+156%)
$33: .55-1.55 (+181%)

DLTR Weekly $132-130 Puts
$132: .26-.77 (+196%)
$131: .20-.45 (+125%)
$130: .17-.44 (+159%)

BBY Weekly $122-119 Puts

$122: 4.25-7.25 (+70%)
$121: 3.00-5.60 (+87%)
$120: 3.00-5.73 (+92%)
$119: 2.62-4.99 (+90%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DE Weekly $352.50-360
FUTU Weekly $54-57 Calls
HPQ Weekly $33-35 Calls

iSpecimen, Inc. ISPC – Recap:

On Monday morning, we tagged ISPC in our watchlist, and that stock went on to make a nice intraweek move.

From a low of 8.06, the stock ran as high as 18.50. That works out to an increase of 130% which is an excellent short term move for a NASDAQ stock in this price range. In those two sessions. ISPC has traded roughly ten times its 30-day average volume.

Extended Watchlist: 

Big Name Earnings Reporters & More

TJX, LOW Options Recap:

We’re cruising right along on the options front this week, with the earnings calendar having presented us with a lot to look at each morning. Today looks to be no different with several big name reporters on the slate.

First, we’ll go over the activity in the new ideas we formulated in yesterday morning’s premarket report, which produced a few winners. Apart from the BIDU Calls we were watching which weren’t very impressive, we were tracking the TJX Weekly $71-73 Calls, and the LOW Weekly $250-255 Calls, both of which produced significant intraday movement and profit opportunity.

Here are the ranges and total possible gains that could have been realized on the day:

TJX Weekly $71-73 Calls
 3.75-5.50 (+47%)
$72: 3.01-4.55 (+51%)
$72.50: 2.41-4.00 (+66%)
$73: 2.06-3.60 (+75%)

LOW Weekly $250-255 Calls
$250: .99-2.46 (+148%)
$252.50: .65-1.50 (+131%)
$255: .46-.95 (+107%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
NVDA Weekly $312.50-317.50 Calls
KSS Weekly $60-62 Calls
VSCO Weekly $50-55 Calls
M Weekly $31-33 Calls

Extended Watchlist: 

Multiple Key Updates, Fresh Options Ideas

SPY Short Proves Tactful: 

With the markets looking like they were headed in the wrong direction yesterday morning, we targeted the SPY with a bearish set of options contracts that we slated for observation.

Those targets were the SPY 11/10 $467-465 Puts, and were spot-on in our choice to go for a short on the day. The intraday movement and total possible profits from those ideas were eye-opening, with two out of our three designated plays ripping off gains of more than a thousand percent!

SPY 11/10 $467-465 Puts
$467: .55-4.95 (+800%)
$466: .28-3.90 (+1293%)
$465: .13-3.00 (+2207%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MQ 11/19 $27.50-30 Calls
WB Weekly $46-48 Calls
AFRM Weekly $162.50-170 Calls


Susglobal Energy Corp. (OTCQB:SNRG) – Update:

We’re circling back around today to provide another update on SNRG, the waste-to-energy company upon which we focused a special report on Monday morning. (>>Read SNRG Report)

We considered SNRG to be at a good spot on the chart, and after just three sessions, it has certainly shown us to be accurate in our assessment. From the low that it registered on Monday, it ran to a high of of .299 yesterday which marks an increase of 53%, and that came on 462,400 shares traded, which comes in at more than twice the 30-day average volume (146,719) in the stock.

Be sure to check out our focus report on SNRG when you get a chance, and stay tuned to our daily reports for further updates as they become available.


Trans Global Group, Inc. TGGI – Update:

We also have a brief update on TGGI, an stock we’ve been tracking for quite some time. Our first of many mentions came three months ago on August 12th, after which time we observed a low of .003 in the stock.  This week, TGGI traded as high as .0284. That’s an incredible rise of 847%

Extended Watchlist: