Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning Options Calls & More

Options Updates

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. ANF

We had very good fortune with most of the ANF options contracts we signaled in yesterday morning’s premarket report following an earnings beat. We were after intraday trade possibilities in the ANF Weekly $29-32 Calls, and with the exception of the $32’s which weren’t pushed into the money, gains of over 200% were available across the board.

$29 Calls – Trading Range: .50-1.51  – Max Gain: 202%
$29.50 Calls – Trading Range: .29-1.10 – Max Gain: 279%
$30 Calls – Trading Range: .19-.75 – Max Gain: 295%
$30.50 Calls – Trading Range:  .13-.53 – Max Gain: 308%
$31 Calls – Trading Range: .07-.34 – Max Gain: 386%
$31.50 Calls – Trading Range: .05-.16 – Max Gain: 220%
$32 Calls – Trading Range: .05-.11 – Max Gain: 120%


Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

We also want to give a quick update on another extended-term idea we had recently. On Tuesday, we submitted PBR 04/01 $4 Calls for observation, and those have made a run from .13-.25 (+92%) as PBR has traded up from 3.55 to 4.13.

We expect the figures on those gains to keep rising today as PBR has advanced as high as 4.39 thus far in the premarket. We’ll be sure to stay on the trail of those contracts, with nearly a month left on the contracts before expiration. We’ll also keep an eye on the $4 and 4.50 Weekly Calls. Of course, we’ll look to roll our strike prices up if the situation dictates.

Aeterna Zentaris, Inc. AEZS

AEZS is a familiar play that we’d like to touch base with again this morning after noticing some interesting chart activity. The stock broke its 50DMA during yesterday’s trading session and is presently trending up in the premarket, testing resistance in the $4-area. The next area of resistance comes in at 5.18, where a gap on the chart begins, and extends up to the 6.50 level.

We’ve prepared a snapshot below which outlines the highlights of the current AEZS chart.

EffTec International, Inc. EFFI

EFFI is another recent mention we’d like to update our readers on this morning. After signaling EFFI in our watchlist on Friday, the stock has gone on to make a solid move. We observed a low of .0024 followed by a high of .0049, which works out to a 104% swing.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL, ORFG Updates & Extended Watchlist

Update on AAPL Options

We’ve been tracking AAPL pretty intensively over the past couple of weeks, beginning on the 14th of this month. What has followed has been a very impressive uptrend, as we’ve witnessed a move in the stock from a low of $588 to this morning’s pre-market high of $639; that’s a 50-point move in just a couple of weeks.

Between the Beats rumor, the fact that AAPL has a forward split coming, and the approach of a new iPhone which will reportedly boast a larger screen, it seems there is a lot of speculation in the air, and we’ve done well in using it to our advantage.

Last week, we were afforded the chance at percentage increases in the hundreds and thousands from Calls in the $605-610 range, and with the continued uptrend exhibited by AAPL this week, the opportunities were still ripe for the picking in some of the pricier contracts. For example, the $627.50 Calls ran from a low of 1.97 on Wednesday, to a high 9.80 during yesterday’s session, an overnight gain of up to 397%, and appear to be gapping up even further this morning.

In the event of a sustained uptrend in AAPL, we’ll be monitoring the $635-640 Calls, making sure to keep our strike price relatively close to the money.

Orofino Gold Corp. ORFG

ORFG turned out to be a good call for us as the main feature of yesterday’s report, as the stock came down to a low of .0175 in the morning, before showing us a high .0249 shortly before the close. That equates to a solid 42% intraday gain for this bottom play.

We observed higher highs and higher lows in ORFG, and it managed to maintain well over half of those gains into the close (.0229), so we’ll continue to keep an eye on this play moving forward.

The company signed a couple of LOI’s this month, so we’ll be interested to see how those pan out as well:

Extended Watchlist:
FLST, PLX, OPTT, ARRY, NEWL, DARA(Gapping down, potential bounce?)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Midday Updates – 05/07/14

We had to send out another afternoon update to touch base with our readers regarding the stellar performance of today’s mentions! In addition, we want everyone to scan their inboxes tomorrow morning at the opening bell, because a stock that we’ve been monitoring behind the scenes could be ready to be upgraded to “Momo-Play” status. If conditions are right, we’ll pass it along to you! For now, take a look at what today’s picks have done:

Fuelstream, Inc. FLST

FLST made quite a move this morning, trading from a low of .008 all the way up to .0174. That’s good for an intraday romp of 118%

From the low of .0037 that we observed just a few sessions ago, a move to .0174 represents a highly-respectable 370% increase.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. QTWW

The bottom we were looking for in QTWW occurred at 3.74 this morning, and the stock ran to a high of 4.64just a short time ago, gaining 24% intraday. That’s a notable single-session move for a Nasdaq-listed stock.

Speaking of which, QTWW does also have an options chain. For anyone speculating in QTWW Calls today, gains of up to 100% were possible. Cheers go out to any sharp traders who were able to net quick profits on the rebound.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options

PBR saw a modest increase today as well, to the tune of 5% as it traded in a range from 15.03-15.795. To update readers on the status of our PBR options calls, the $15 contracts we were monitoring this morning traded up from .39 to .79 (103%).

. When we first caught this play on March 21st coming off its lowest price in nearly a decade (11.25), we identified a gap on the chart that has now been filled. The recovery has carried the stock up 40% to just a hair below 15.80. Between that and the multitude of opportunities we’ve had on the options side of things, PBR has solidified itself as one of our top performers in 2014.

There is also another gap on the PBR chart from 16.48-16.99 that could become our next target if PBR continues to gain ground.