Wednesday’s Winners, 4 More Potential Plays

Recapping Wednesday’s Winners:

We made some good progress with the potential options plays we highlighted in yesterday morning’s premarket report. Everything we signaled in the near-term recorded some pretty good intraday movement. As far as the May calls we targeted on INTC, we’ll have to wait a little longer to possibly see that idea come to fruition. Everything else worked out rather well, and we expect that trend to continue as we start to come out of this earnings dry spell of the past few weeks. In the case of the SPY Puts we formulated, two out of the three contract sets in the range we designated say intraday run of more than a thousand percent!

The three runners from yesterday’s report were the SPY 04/10 $515-513 Puts, the DAL Weekly $48.50-49.50 Calls, and the PSMT 04/19 $85 Calls. These were the daily performances they logged for the session:

SPY 04/10 $515-513 Puts
: .36-1.86 (+417%)
$514: .10-1.13 (+1030%)
$513: .02-.23 (+1050%)

DAL Weekly $48.50-49.50 Calls
: .52-1.20 (+131%)
$49: .30-.92 (+207%)
$49.50: .15-.77 (+413%)

PSMT 04/19 $85 Calls
: .16-1.05 (+556%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 04/11 $514-515 Calls*
KMX Weekly $74-72 Puts
STZ Weekly $265-267.50 Calls
FAST 04/19 $72.50-70 Puts

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Extended Watchlist: