Thursday’s Runners, Fresh Plays

Recapping Thursday’s Winners:

We’re ready to jump back into the swing of things here on this Monday morning, but first, we’ll backtrack to the end of the short trading week on Thursday and take a look at what our daily interests were able to accomplish. In our premarket report, we had signaled a group of four ideas that we felt had reasonable potential for the session, and fared pretty well in each case.

Our targets were the STZ Weekly $220-225 Calls, the LEVI 04/21 $18 Puts, the LW 04/21 $105 Calls, and the BA 05/05 $220-210 Puts, and with the exception of the BA $220’s which were too far in the money to see a good move, every one of our tracked contract sets recorded a nice intraday run. Here’s the breakdown of those figures:

STZ Weekly $220-225 Calls
 4.64-6.50 (+40%)
$222.50: 2.90-5.50 (+90%)
$225: 3.24-6.30 (+94%)

LEVI 04/21 $18 Puts
 1.52-2.95 (+94%)

LW 04/21 $105 Calls
 2.00-5.32 (+166%)

BA 05/05 $220-210 Puts
 4.69-6.29 (+34%)
$210: .12-.65 (+442%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GBX 04/21 $30-35 Calls
MU Weekly $60-62 Calls

ABNB 04/21 $108 Puts
NTLA 05/19 $35-40 Calls

Hypercharge Networks Corp. HCNWF – OTC Recap: 

We also wanted to update our readers on yet another new high attained by HCNWF on Thursday. The stock has now gone from a low of .685 up to 2.39 since we first mentioned it in our morning report from April 4th.

Extended Watchlist: