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We were feeling mainly bullish about our interests yesterday as we kicked off another trading week and a couple of the sets of calls we were tracking enjoyed a pretty solid session. After initially gapping down to start things off, the markets moved in a positive direction all day long, and made up all the ground that was ceded in premarket trading. That activity helped push our tracked plays to some pretty good intraday movement.

Those runners were the GBX 04/21 $30-35 Calls, and the MU Weekly $60-62 Calls, and we’ll go ahead and list off the daily ranges and total possible gains they registered below. We also have an update on a longer-term set of puts we signaled a couple of Thursdays ago on March 30th, the SMTC 04/21 $26-25 Puts, which have continued to rise as the stock has steadily fallen to new lows. That has resulted in some absolutely massive moves in the pair of targets we’ve been tracking, and you’ll find those moves below as well.

GBX 04/21 $30-35 Calls
 2.50-3.60 (+44%)
$35: .34-.79 (+132%)

MU Weekly $60-62 Calls
$60: 1.99-3.90 (+96%)
$61: 1.39-3.10 (+123%)
$62: .76-2.34 (+208%)

SMTC 04/21 $26-25 Puts
$26: .20-3.40 (+1600%)
$25: .10-3.51 (+3410%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
KMX Weekly $69-70 Calls
NKE Weekly $121 Calls
PSMT 04/21 $75 Calls
ASO 04/21 $65 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: