Good Start to the Week, 5-Pack of Ideas

Solid Moves Monday:

We got the week off to a fairly good start yesterday morning, signaling a series of four potential options trading targets. Three of those produced instant results for us, and posted some good figures on the day. We’re still getting along, even as the big name earnings reports that are typically our bread and butter, have been few and far between. A look at the extended earnings calendar suggests that the next major earnings period will begin ramping up in the last week of October, so we’re less than three weeks away from much more exciting times.

In the meantime, our three runners from yesterday morning’s report, the the and the held us over pretty well for Monday, and we have a solid slate for today as well. Here’s how those figures broke down for yesterday:

NVDA Weekly $437.50-440 Calls
 9.10-17.15 (+88%)
$440: 7.90-15.27 (+93%)

COIN Weekly $77-79 Calls
 1.49-1.96 (+32%)
$78: 1.08-1.52 (+41%)
$79: .80-1.17 (+136%)

RIVN Weekly $25-23 Puts
$25: .94-1.82 (+94%)
$24.50: .69-1.46 (+112%)
$24: .48-1.13 (+135%)
$23.50: .32-.86 (+169%)
$23: .20-.61 (+105%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MKC 10/20 $75-70 Puts
STT 10/20 $65-67.50 Calls
ABNB Weekly $135-133 Puts
NVDA Weekly $45-447.50 Calls
SOXL Weekly $19.50-18.50 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: