Good Start to a Fresh Trading Week

Good Start to the Trading Week:

We tried put our best foot forward to kick off the fresh trading week yesterday morning, signaling three separate sets of options ideas in our premarket report for the day. Our perfect run of several weeks did come to an end, with only two of our three ideas registering as clear winners on the day. Still, the gains available were excellent.

Our winning plays were the DWAC Weekly $20-21.50 Calls and the BNTX Weekly $152.50-149 Puts. We also have an update on a longer-term idea we highlighted last Wednesday, the NVO 11/18 $110-115 Calls, which opened the week up with some nice new highs for us.

DWAC Weekly $20-21.50 Calls
 1.90-9.30 (+389%)
$20.50: 1.59-8.00 (+403%)
$21: 1.21-7.60 (+528%)
$21.50: 1.21-7.97 (+559%)

BNTX Weekly $152.50-149 Puts
$152.50: 3.40-6.04 (+78%)
$150: 2.84-4.90 (+73%)

NVO 11/18 $110-115 Calls
$110: 2.22-6.14 (+177%)
$115: 1.15-2.65 (+130%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GFS 11/18 $60 Calls
DD Weekly $62-64 Calls

CREATD,Inc. CRTD – OTC Recap: 

We’re back once again to recap the performance of CRTD, a stock we’ve been tracking since our Oct. 13th report. It continues to push the envelope and soar to new high, recording another one yesterday. From our intially observed low of .0761, CRTD has now gone on to hit 1.45, which marks an overall rise of 1805% in just over three trading weeks!

Extended Watchlist: