Big Options Runners, Fresh Plays

Options Recaps:

We got back onto the track of options perfection yesterday, with our premarket report containing ideas for the chains of three big name earnings reporters. Despite a choppy and lackluster session for the markets in general, there was plenty of good volatility and intraday movement in our selected plays for ourselves and our readers to benefit greatly.

The trio of potential plays we were focused on for the day yesterday were the LOW Weekly $210-215 Calls, the AAP Weekly $160-155 Puts, and the TGT Weekly $157.50-152.50 Puts. The LOW and AAP targets were the main runners, posting multibag gains across the board. The TGT Puts didn’t run quite so hard but still recorded some very respectable intraday runs. Here’s how it all broke down for us:

LOW Weekly $210-215 Calls
 4.10-11.45 (+179%)
$212.50: 2.96-9.25 (+212%)
$215: 1.47-7.50 (+410%)

AAP Weekly $160-155 Puts
 3.22-9.20 (+186%)
$155: 1.25-5.50 (+340%)

TGT Weekly $157.50-152.50 Puts
$157.50: 2.33-3.85 (+65%)
$155: 1.40-2.40 (+71%)
$152.50: .77-1.40 (+82%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
M Weekly $20.50-21.50 Calls
BJ Weekly $80 Calls
BBWI Weekly $36-37 Calls
NVDA Weekly $160-157.50 Puts 

TPT Global Tech Inc. TPTW – OTC Recap:

We’d also like to provide a quick update on TPTW. This stock appeared on our extended watchlist in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and ended up posting a solid intraday run for us. From a low of .0047 this subpenny play ran on up to .0089, which registers as a single-session rise of 89%

Extended Watchlist: