Big Move Monday, Another 4-Pack of New Ideas

Perfect Start to the Week:

In our daily report yesterday morning, we were patting ourselves on the back for a third straight session of hitting on all of our options ideas. In the best possible start to the fresh trading week, we laid out four new potential plays and saw solid results from each of them. Some big name earnings reporters are on the slate today, and we’ll do our best to capitalize as much as possible, as we attempt to continue this impressive streak.

As we said, it was wins across the board yesterday, with our targets, the TSLA Weekly $285-287.50 Calls, the NVDA Weekly $455-460 Calls, the AEHR Weekly $45-50 Calls, and the INTC Weekly $32.50-33.50 Calls producing the following intraday upswings and total possible gains:

TSLA Weekly $285-287.50 Calls
10.40-14.20 (+37%)
$48.50: 9.40-13.00 (+38%)

NVDA Weekly $455-460 Calls
9.42-15.85 (+68%)
$460: 7.40-12.84 (+74%)

AEHR Weekly $45-50 Calls
3.86-7.77 (+101%)
$50: 1.15-3.46 (+201%)

INTC Weekly $32.50-33.50 Calls
$32.50: .93-2.15 (+131%)
$33: .63-1.73 (+175%)
$33.50: .40-1.30 (+225%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MSFT Weekly $345-347.50 Calls
NVS Weekly $100-105 Calls
LMT Weekly $470-475 Calls
FBK Weekly $30-35 Calls

Extended Watchlist: