4 Fresh Options Plays & More

Wednesday Review:  

It was a rough outing yesterday due largely in part to a horrendous response to the Fed meeting. Things remained mostly level until 2PM, and thereafter went into absolute freefall. As a result, just one of the two ideas we formulated for yesterday’s premarket report bore immediate results. Not an ideal set of circumstances or outcome, but we press forward as always!

As for our target that did prevail,  we were looking at the GIS 10/20 $65-67.50 Calls, and here are the modest yet respectable intraday moves we saw out of those:

GIS 10/20 $65-67.50 Calls
 1.37-2.04 (+49%)
$67.50: .39-.75 (+92%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
FDX Weekly $260-265 Calls
KBH Weekly $47.50-46 Puts
SPLK Weekly $140-143 Calls
SPY 09/22 $432-433 Calls

Bluejay Diagnostics Inc. (NASDAQ:BJDX) – Recap: 

We also had a decent little mover jump off of yesterday’s extended watchlist, as BJDX underwent a gap-and-go scenario. The stock ran from a daily low of 4.20 and shares ended up changing hands for as much as 5.38. That works out to an intraday run of 28%

Extended Watchlist: