Trying to Secure 2nd Straight Flawless Week

Win Streak, Day 9:

We were hoping that our win streak would continue would yesterday, and we’re very excited to report that it did just that. We lofted a trio of possible trades in our premarket report for the day, and all three of them produced some nice intraday moves. Just one contract set in one chain came two cents shy of a double-bagger, but the rest were strong double and triple-bag movers. That leaves us with just one more session of sweeping our board to make it a full two week perfect streak!

As for the numbers we got off of yesterday’s slate, we had the ABNB Weekly $148-145 Puts, the ARM Weekly $101-99 Puts, and the RBLX Weekly $29.50-28.50 Puts on watch, and here were the runs they recorded:

ABNB Weekly $148-145 Puts
 1.34-2.65 (+98%)
$147: .97-2.14 (+121%)
$146: .63-1.57 (+149%)
$145: .50-1.17 (+135%)

ARM Weekly $101-99 Puts
$101: .36-1.75 (+386%)
$100: .28-1.31 (+368%)
$99: .20-.97 (+385%)

RBLX Weekly $29.50-28.50 Puts
 .32-.89 (+178%)
$29: .17-.63 (+271%)
$28.50: .10-.44 (+340%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY 05/10 $520-521 Calls*
COIN Weekly $210-215 Calls*
DOCN 05/17 $35 Calls

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Extended Watchlist: