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We’re adding a new play to our watchlists this morning: Nuvilex, Inc. (NVLX) is a multi-faceted biotech company that has been extremely active in the growth and development of its business over the past month.

NVLX has launched itself into the biotechnology industry with the recently completed full acquisition of Bio Blue Bird AG, which has a proprietary live-cell encapsulation technology which acts as a delivery system for live cells that aid in the treatment of inoperable pancreatic cancer and breast cancer, as well as diabetes.

In fact the technology as a whole can be viewed simply as a platform upon which virtually limitless treatments could be built. Opportunities abound, not only with the follow-though of its own products, but at the prospect of other companies lining up to license NVLX‘s encapsulation technology for use in delivering their own treatments.

The cellulose-based capsules really are a work of genius. At the scale of a pin-head, the microscopic capsules are filled with living cells, either engineered or cultured from natural compounds that are believed to have therapeutic effects, and introduced into the body intravenously or through direct injection. They contain pores which are too small in size to allow for the escape of the cells (or access to immune system cells that might try to destroy the introduced cells), but sufficient in size to facilitate the entry of essential nutrients exit of and waste products and beneficial substances produced by the cells. In this state, the encapsulated samples can survive for long periods of time.

The FDA recently rolled out a new program in which certain approved technologies can receive a  “breakthrough therapy” designation. This designation aids the FDA in helping firms speed up the development of new drugs or therapies that have shown sufficient potential to offer statistically significant improvement over existing treatments for terminal illnesses. If Nuvilex could get approved for this new fast-track program, shares which are now trading in the teens, could soon see much higher value. That’s much of the reason that we’re so excited about the possibilities for NVLX. We think promising Phase II results that have been reported by Nuvilex could lead to Phase III trials under this new program, which would mean big things for this biotech.

For instance, below you can see an image taken from Nuvilex’s website which shows before and after scans of what can only be described as extremely encouraging apparent success in treating a pancreatic tumor.

With one stroke, Nuvilex has catapulted itself into the midst of an exciting prospect- A proprietary, license-able technology that could not only have far reaching implications in business, but how terminal illnesses of all kinds can be treated; something that could benefit all mankind. If it sounds like it has the potential to be a really big deal, that’s because it does. The fact that we’ve stumbled upon this company at this early stage of its new evolution could have some pretty impressive effects as well with regard to the stock.

The addition of this potentially game-changing tech goes well with another arm of NVLX‘s business, Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc, which is focused on the use of marijuana and its various chemical compounds for the development of treatment for different types of cancer. As many of our followers are well aware, the medical marijuana industry is one that has been of great interest and profit to us over the past year.

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