Medical Marijuana Round-Up Report Vol. IV

It’s time again for yet another installment of our Medical Marijuana Round-Up Report, when we take a look at all of the plays that we’ve been tracking for the past several months in the rapidly burgeoning cannabis industry. Since early this fall, we have been able to achieve incredible percentage gains from this group of cannabis stocks:

Hemp, Inc. HEMP

When we initially began covering HEMP, the stock was as low as .027. It made a solid run all the way up to .09 before consolidating to bounce off of .037, at which point we saw another jump to .065. Consolidation occurred yet again, however it has rarely dipped below our price at coverage initiation of .027.

Yesterday, the stock surged as much as 37%, running into resistance at the 50DMA (also the HOD) of .037. It ended up closing at .034, a 23% gain on the day. In order to see some added gains here we need to breach the 100 & 50DMA’s at .036 & .037.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. MJNA

MJNA has been a freight train over the past several days; we’ve seen positive moves every single day this week. Having broken through it’s previous high in the .16’s on Wednesday, the stock entered blue-sky breakout mode, and has traded extremely high volume over the past three sessions.

There is a lot of momentum in this stock, however when we do see a pullback, we’d like to have the previous resistance level at .162 hold as a future level of support. Below that, we have the 20DMA as support at .14. Volume of this magnitude for the latter portion of the week, is sure to spill over into Monday, so it is highly likely that MJNA will be at or near the tops of our watchlists.


Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

The first time we mentioned CBIS, we saw a 150% spike from .04-.10. Since then it has held support at .048, and yesterday we had a high, momentum-fueled bounce. The stock broke through the 20, 50 & 100DMA’s and ran into resistance at the 200DMA of .06, where it closed. That represents a gain of 25% from our recent support level.

CBIS is originator the Phytiva line of hemp-based products that was recently acquired by our next big winner, XCHC.


X-Change Corporation XCHC

We began talking about XCHC on Monday, having not dropped our focus from it all week, and were duly rewarded for our persistence. Monday’s session brought a move opened from .0699 to .079 (+13%), pulled back to a low of .056, before running back to .0699 (+25%), bringing in a total of 38% on our first day of coverage.

On Wednesday it saw a low of .0521, and surged rapidly yesterday to hit a high of .075, representing an added gain of 44%, and bringing our cumulative gains for the week to a very respectable 82%

Yesterday’s News:

DALLAS, Jan. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — X-Change Corporation (OTCQB:XCHC), a U.S. publicly-traded company, through its European joint venture with Dupetit Natural Products, GmbH, announces that within one week the Company will move into the testing stage of development of its unique hemp-based Phytiva brand of products, as the Company prepares to bring these products to European and North American markets.


Foy-Johnston, Inc. FOYJ
While not cannabis-related, we had to make a quick mention of FOYJ, our point of focus for yesterday’s session. We began monitoring the stock on Jan.14-15th when it appeared in our extended watchlist with a price as low as .0006.

Yesterday FOYJ gapped up to .0019 from the previous day’s close of .0014. It ran to .0024 before it dipped to low of .0013, and followed that with a bounce as high as .0018. For the ones lucky enough to catch the .0006 bottom, you could have been looking at gains in excess of 300% at yesterday’s high. During that process, savvy timing on subsequent bounces could have brought gains of as much as 65%


Extended Watchlist: