Today’s Afternoon Updates

We wanted to send out an afternoon alert regarding two momentum plays that we plan to observe into next week. Any time we see low-volume stocks explode with momentum, seemingly out of the blue, we take immediate notice. Both of the following stocks fit that profile, setting off our abnormal volume scanners this morning, and as a result, will be near the top of our watchlist moving forward.


MediSwipe, Inc. MWIP

MWIP rallied out of the gate today, only to pull back and find support off of .0066 just as we had hoped. We then saw a solid bounce back to .0084, marking a possible intraday gain of 27% Those in at yesterday’s low of .0055 could be sitting pretty on 53% in gains.

Overall, from the low following our first mention of this play on October 16th (.0024), we are currently up 250% You can see why we have continually revisited this stock since that time, and if the above mentioned stocks do half as well as this play has, we will likely continue to sing their praises in the same fashion.