AAPL, AUY, TCPS, EVRM, RSOL & Extended Watchlist

Apple, Inc. AAPL Options
Our coverage of Apple Options just got a whole lot more interesting. At the time of our afternoon updates yesterday, the $440 Calls we were looking at ran from 7.75 to 9.05, adding 17% to our gains. What happened following the market close was quite unexpected.

Most of you will have already heard about the big headline now surrounding Apple- because of the company’s exploitation of foreign tax loopholes, it has avoided paying billions in U.S. taxes on profits that it has moved to three shell companies in Ireland. The bills Apple has avoided through what is being referred to by some as ‘tax gimmickry”, could play a role in the reform of US corporate tax law, but it is yet unclear as to whether Apple will be subject to some form of penalty for this financial sleight-of-hand. CEO Tim Cook is set to appear before a Senate subcommittee to respond to the accusations.

Regardless of the final outcome of this latest development, we are readying ourselves for the possibility that Apple may see an interuption in its recent bullish run. As of this moment, it is uncertain as to how this will affect the overall trajectory of the stock, thus we want to remain extremely vigilant. Should this story not have a great effect, we would still be looking at the $435 and $440 Calls. However, if AAPL doesn’t hold support at this morning’s pre-market low of 438.24, we will need to turn our attention to Puts at the same strike prices of $435 and $440.

The key here will be quickly thinking on our feet once a diagnosis of the current conditions can be made.

Yamana Gold Inc. AUY Options
Also among yesterday’s Options Trading coverage was Yamana Gold. The AUY $11.00 calls we alerted in our afternoon update report (trading at .60 at the time) ended up closing at their high-of-day (.70), for a quick gain of 17%

TechnoConcepts, Inc. TCPS
TCPS is a momentum play that we are putting on watch today for a possible continuation of its recent surge. The stock broke its 3-year high yesterday, and has been seeing an increase in volume over the past few sessions. We’d like to keep a cautious eye on this one moving forward, as it is currently in Blue Sky Breakout mode.

Evermedia Group, Inc. EVRM
EVRM hit a new high of day into the close yesterday. We like the activity we’ve observed since Friday, as the stock has held support off of .0012, and yesterday hit a high of .0018, marking an increase in our possible gains from 33% to 50% We want to continue to watch EVRM moving forward.

Real Goods Solar, Inc. RSOL
RSOL also hit a new high into the close yesterday, trading at 6.43 at the time of our alert, and going on to touch 7.17, increasing our possibility for intraday gains up to 57% (From its low of 4.55) With all the momentum in solar stocks recently, we want to keep an eye on the sector as a whole. Here are a handful of related stocks to watch in the field: ASTI, CSIQ, HSOL, FSLR, SCTY, JKS, LDK.

Extended Watchlist: