Stock and Options Updates, Fresh Ideas

Paltalk, Inc. PALT – Recap: 

We want to track back slightly this morning to talk about the alerts we posted on PALT last week. We didn’t get a chance to highlight the stock’s performance in our packed Friday newsletter, so we’re going to outline the moves it made as we kick off a fresh trading week today.

Our initial flag of PALT came on Monday morning, at which time the stock was trading for as little as 4.39 a share. PALT subsequently made a dramatic run to a high of 15.20, which marks a total possible gain of 246% for anyone who was along for the ride.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ZM – Options Review:

We offered up exactly one quick-strike options idea on Friday morning, with the ZM Weekly $265-272.50 Calls, and we’re pleased to report that not only did those contracts post multi-bag gains on the day, but i one set even breached into thousand-percent-gainer territory on the day!

Regardless of which strike point was chosen, massive gains were there for the taking as a result of our alert. Here were those intraday moves and total possible profits:

ZM Weekly $265-272.50 Calls
 1.30-6.30 (+384%)
$267.50: .63-4.00 (+534%)
$270: .25-2.10 (+740%)
$272.50: .05-.80 (+1500%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
DNLI 11/19 $50-55 Calls
SPY 10/04 $434-432 Puts*

*Please don’t trade options on their day of expiration unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

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Big Time Stock and Options Rippers

More OTC Runners: 

As we were just mentioning yesterday morning, we’ve spun a relatively dry earnings period into a positive by searching out pure stock plays to supplement our content. The OTC Markets is where our story began and it’s always nice to be able to fall back on penny stocks in a pinch.

Not only that, but the OTC is about to get a lot more comprehensive and a lot less speculative, with the governing body’s move to require current filings for all listed securities, with all in non-compliance getting booted down to the Grey Sheets. It’s a very exciting time for OTC stocks and here are couple of the ones we’ve tracked to big moves this week.

Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc. VNTH
Initial Alert:
Gained: +1083%

JZZ Technologies, Inc. JZZI
Initial Alert:
Gained: +170%

CarMax, Inc. KMX – Options Recap:

The clear winner from yesterday’s report on the options side of things came by way of our bearish KMX targets. We had signaled interest in the KMX Weekly $139-135 Puts and with the help of a major down day for the stock, those ideas swept the board with multibag intraday runs.

Here are the total possible gains available yesterday to anyone who latched onto our KMX alert:

KMX Weekly $139-135 Puts
$139: 4.14-10.30 (+149%)
$138: .3.50-9.36 (+167%)
$137: 2.62-8.05 (+207%)
$136: 2.38-6.95 (+192%)
$135: 1.72-7.00 (+307%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
ZM Weekly $265-272.50 Calls*

*Please don’t trade options on their day of expiration unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

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MDGS News, Big Options Gainers

More Sweet Options Success:

We’ve got another big time update on options gainers this morning. Not only did we hit on all three of our ideas from yesterday morning’s premarket report, but our longer-term idea in SPCE began to create some solid profit opportunities.

For yesterday’s premarket report our fresh ideas were the NTES Weekly $90-93 Calls, the ZM Weekly $310-300 Puts, and the SLQT 09/17 $7.50-10 Calls. Our specific targets in the SPCE chain from Monday’s report were the SPCE 10/01 $27-29 Calls.

Here are the ranges and total possible gains on all of those plays yesterday:

NTES Weekly $90-93 Calls
 3.40-7.70 (+126%)
$91: 3.23-6.70 (+107%)
$92: 2.75-5.35 (+94%)
$93: 2.05-4.24 (+106%)

ZM Weekly $310-300 Puts
$310: 17.00-23.52 (+38%)
$305: 12.00-19.56 (+63%)
$300: 9.05-15.90 (+76%)

SLQT 09/17 $7.50-10 Calls
 1.80-2.35 (+31%)
$10: .40-.60 (+50%)

SPCE 10/01 $27-29 Calls
$27: 1.44-2.96 (+105%)
$28: 1.17-2.51 (+114%)
$29: .96-2.12 (+121%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CONN 09/17 $25-27 Calls
AMBA Weekly $112-115 Calls
PLAN 09/17 $65-75 Calls

Medigus Ltd. MDGS – News Alert:

More news from MDGS hit the wires this morning, and we’re passing it along to you. For those who may have missed out, check out our MDGS Special Report from last week.

Today, the company has announced that one of its interests, Gix Media, is set to acquire a 70% stake in Cortex Group, a media tech firm, for roughly $11M.

OMER, Israel, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies and electric vehicle and charging solutions, announced today that its affiliate Gix Internet (36.74% on a fully diluted bases) (TASE: GIX), a global marketing technology (MarTech) solutions company for online performance-based-marketing, announced that Gix Internet’s subsidiary, Gix Media signed a definitive agreement for the purchase of 70% at Cortex Group, an innovative media-tech company that has developed expertise in turning original content into a profit center through user traffic acquisition.(>>View Full PR)

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