Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FL Recap & More

Footlocker, Inc. FL – Recap

On Friday, we cited a big profit and sales beat on Foot Locker’s Q1 earnings report, noting that we have had good luck with the company’s earning chain in the past. Our designated targets were the FL 06/15 $52.50-55 Calls. Lightning struck for us once again as FL surged and our ideas took off.

The $52.50 Calls ran hard from a low of 1.30 and subsequently hit a high of 4.50. That works out to a daily rip of 246% Meanwhile, the $55 Calls went on a slightly more intense ride, trading in a range from .65-2.54 for total possible intraday gains of 291%

ArQule, Inc. ARQL
It was just this past Wednesday morning that we were mentioning our late April call on ARQL which allowed us to catch the stock when it was trading as low as 2.40. ARQL had, at the time of last week’s mention, breached into the four-dollar range, but after a fruitful finish to the week, we have to circle back to comment on its impressive new highs.

In its fifth consecutive trading day of posting higher lows and higher highs, the stock reached a new high of 5.29, pushing our one month observed increase on the stock to 120%

Tintri, Inc. TNTR

We also want to place TNTR on bottom watch as we kick off the short trading week, after noticing that the stock has been absolutely crushed in the past week. It had already been on a steady downward trajectory, but as you can see below, the selloff really kicked into high gear just last week.

We’ve also noticed a rapid rise in the short volume, accounting for more than 1.2M of the stocks total volume on Friday. With the stock already having been egregiously oversold, this type of scenario can often lead to a short squeeze, and we will want to be ready to ride TNTR on the way back up, if that occurs.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Momentum Play, Options & More

Shark Reach, Inc. SHRK

We’re going to be tagging SHRK for observation as a momentum mover this morning after noticing the huge activity in the stock yesterday. It came in conjunction with an article that Forbes ran about the company and its “influencer marketing” strategies. (>>View Article).

Many of our readers will have been aware of the marketing campaign that accompanied the theatrical release of the movie Straight Outta Compton, which was orchestrated by SharkReach. They promised Universal Pictures 7 million impressions and delivered more than 130 million, thanks in large part to the graphical memes that gained viral popularity for a period of months leading up to and following the film’s debut.

The rapid growth into a major player in less than three years of business definitely puts the company on our radar long term, but for the time being, there may be some short-term advantage to press with SHRK. We’ll look for profit-takers to surface after the stock’s rapid and meteoric rise, and be ready for a classic dip-and-rip scenario.

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options Ideas

With regard to a fresh options trading idea, we’re going to be watching Facebook for a possible move to the short side. The stock recently made a run that proved unsustainable, and the chart is looking rather toppy at the moment with a significant gap to fill to the low side.

For potential daytrading and intraweek swing-trade ideas we will be monitoring the Feb 5th $113-110 Puts. For a longer-term idea, assuming more hardship lay ahead for the stock, we’ll want to keep an eye on Feb 19th $109-105 Puts.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Idea, Rebound Play

Alphabet Inc. GOOG – Options Idea

We want to start things off today by focusing on the possibility of taking advantage of the heavy activity in GOOG on the heels of its post-market earnings release yesterday. As one would expect from an untraded-upon earnings beat, GOOG is spiking considerably in early trading. On a related note, the new figures seem to have allowed Google to surpass Apple for the title of largest U.S. company.

We’ll be on the lookout for a potential early dip, then scan for the choicest action within the range of GOOG Weekly $780-800 Calls. We could be in line to see some hefty intraday and/or intraweek swings out of those contracts if things play out as we suspect they might.

3D Systems Corp. DDD

Despite a general bearish sentiment toward the 3D-printing sector as a whole in the media of late, we are seeing a potential opportunity with regard to DDD. Despite the array of poor publicity hitting newswires, the stock has been bucking the trend with a steady stair-stepping approach up off of its annual lows for the past couple of weeks.

The chart has an attractive look as you can see below, so we’re going to want to monitor DDD in the days and weeks ahead as its chances for an extended recovery seem fair.The first signal we’ll be looking out for is a breach of prior resistance at the highlighted level of 8.50.

Adaptive Medias, Inc. ADTM

ADTM took off like a rocket yesterday on news of a buyout offer of roughly nine times the company’s market cap leading into the session. What resulted was a scramble for shares, and the upward pressure pushed the stock all the way from an early low in the .40-range up to the mid-.70 area.

Subject to shareholder approval, the all-cash transaction would offer $35M, or 1.50/share. From current levels, reaching that price point would mark a roughly 100% move the the upside. We’ll have our eyes peeled for further updates on the deal, as well as the immediate effect that the news will continue to have on the stock.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Trading Ideas

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options
On Wednesday we honed in on Apple’s big news, the addition of Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as its new chief of retail, and mentioned that we were monitoring the 11/01 $505 and $510 Calls. At the time those contracts were trading in the low $12′s, and $10′s respectively.

We were still watching on Friday, and were duly rewarded for our patience; the $505 Calls jumped nearly 50% from the lows in the $12-range to a high of 17.10. As for the $510′s, they went on to close at 14.50, a 45% increase from the low of $10.

This morning, AAPL is gapping up to the tune of more than 0.5%, which means these Calls should be pushed even deeper into the money. That would provide us with significant added gains.

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options

Much like AAPL, FB has become one of our favorite target vehicles for trading options contracts. If you recall, we successfully pursued over 750% in cumulative gains out of FB Calls the Friday before last, and in sticking with the same strategy last week as we pointed out on Friday, similar opportunities were presented in the Calls once again.

Extended Watchlist:
VPLM, TLAB, NTS, EWRL, ETEK, INVA, ENMD(coming off of recent lows)

NVIV, CVM, IWEB & Extended Watchlist

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. NVIV
NVIV has traded as low as 4.84 since the first time we talked about it back on Monday, July 15th, and after just five trading days, hit a high of 6.20 this past Monday.

We’re going to have this stock on our longer-term watchlist moving forward, and would like to see the stock maintain support above 5.00. The technologies they have developed have the potential to be game-changers in the field of spinal cord injury treatment.

Earlier this month, InVivo announced it would be teaming up with the New York Mets to create Major League Baseball’s first Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day on Sunday, September 15th at Citi Field when the New York Mets host the Miami Marlins at 1:10 p.m. ET.

More Info @


We want to add CVM to our radars this morning. The stock hit its 52-low of .16 just prior to the closing bell yesterday afternoon, and this morning the company had some fresh news hit the wires. We want to watch this one closely, as conditions like these can often lead to significant bottom bounces.

Today’s PR:

CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE MKT: CVM) announces the publication of the results of influenza studies by researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and CEL-SCI in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, a leading journal for discoveries in basic and clinical biomedical research (2013 J Clin Invest. doi: 10.1172/JCI67550 2013, supplemental information at The studies described in the publication show that when CEL-SCI’s investigational J-LEAPS Influenza Virus treatments were used “in vitro” to activate immune cells called dendritic cells (DCs), these activated dendritic cells, when injected into influenza infected mice, arrested the progression of lethal influenza virus infection in these mice. >>> FULL STORY



Yesterday morning we stated our hope that IWEB would break through resistance at .0355- it did that and more. After touching an early morning low of .032, the stock went on a 22% intraday run, with shares trading at .039 at their peak.

In addition, the stock closed with strength (.036), above previous resistance at .0355, maintaining more than half of its daily gains on over 5X its 3mo. average volume, which is often a bullish signal.

From the low following our original alert of IWEB at .023, yesterday’s high represents an overall move of 70% Since that time, the cumulative gains attained by IWEB have amounted to more than 115% in possible profits.

BARCHART.COM has also upgraded its opinion of IWEB to a 72% Overall “Buy” Rating.

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