Wrapping Up a Solid Trading Week

Weekly Wrap-Up

We’re wrapping up another solid trading week by reviewing our spot-on options ideas from yesterday morning’s premarket report.  We had signaled interest in both the QCOM Weekly $88.50-90 Calls and the BIDU Weekly $114-117 Calls.

 We are happy to say that both of those fresh ideas produced opportunities for multi-bag gains in the day. Here’s the breakdown of the profits that were there for taking: 

QCOM Weekly $88.50-90 Calls
$88.50 Calls – Range:
 1.06-3.92 – Max Gain: 270%
$89 Calls – Range: 
1.05-3.50 – Max Gain: 233%
$89.50 Calls – Range: .65-3.00 – Max Gain: 362%
$90 Calls – Range: .58-2.60 – Max Gain: 348%

BIDU Weekly $114-117 Calls
$114 Calls – Range: 
2.50-8.00 – Max Gain: 220%
$115 Calls – Range: 2.00-7.22 – Max Gain: 261%
$116 Calls – Range: 1.85-5.80 – Max Gain: 214%
$117 Calls – Range: 1.38-5.38 – Max Gain: 304%


Fresh Options Ideas:
DIS Weekly $139-142 Calls*

*Never trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds.

Sun Kissed Industries, Inc. SKDI

We also highlighted SKDI as one to watch in yesterday morning’s premarket Extended Watchlist. The stock put up quite an intraday performance as it traded up from a low of .03, to a high of .16 on the day.

That works out to a single-session gain of 433% and serves as a perfect example of why we always try to include a daily Extended Watchlist, and why we will never quit speculating on the OTC entirely.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SRPT Options Through the Roof & More

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT – Update

We caught SRPT Wednesday on the heels of the stock’s 52-week low, and immediately pounced with an options idea. The SRPT Weekly $10.50 and $11 Calls produced gains of 237% and 159% respectively that day, and when we followed up in yesterday’s premarket report, we made sure readers understood that those gains would “pale in comparison” to the ones we expected once the session kicked off. We were absolutely correct.

The $10.50’s which we caught at .40 on Wednesday, set a new high of 4.23 to extend our total possible gains to 958%   $11’s whose low from Wednesday was .39 rushed to a high of 4.04, marking a two-day swing of 936%

Pertaining to SRPT stock itself, the two-session move has been impressive there as well, trading up in a range from 8.00 to 15.38, for a highly respectable 92% increase. Cheers to any of our followers who caught on with SRPT, because there were profits to be made across the board!

Chatroom Reminder

We don’t inundate our readers with reminders about our daily live traders chats (Open to all, just send a Skype contact request to ‘stocksumo‘) but every so often we like to give everyone a peek into what typically goes on.

We had our old friend DJ provide the room with a trio of ideas at midday in the shipping sector and all three (PRGN, EGLE and DRYS) continued to stack on some serious gains subsequent to the alert.

Once again, we welcome participation on any level from all of our readers, even if you just want to drop in and see what’s buzzing in the room. Just send that Skype contact request to our very own ‘stocksumo’ and he’ll get you in right away!


Bonus Shipping Play: We also want to add GLBS to the list of shippers we’ll be monitoring after this sector-wide momentum boost. We’re looking for a continuation of that today and possibly into next week.

Fresh Friday Options Ideas

We’ve got a few prime ideas based off of more Q1 earnings beats, so it’s time to put our options-trading hats back on for the following three plays:

Amazon.com, Inc. AMZN  – Weekly $670-680 Calls

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD – Weekly $132-134 Calls

Shire plc SHPG – Weekly $190-192.50 Calls

*As we always caution our readers, remember that trading weekly options on Friday is very risky. To be attempted only by expert traders!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing EYES, MNST & More

Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. EYES 

When we first began tracking EYES in last Tuesday’s morning report, the stock was trading at a low of 9.55, and it would spend the next two sessions bulling its way up as high as the 14.40’s. On Thursday, the stock underwent a slight consolidation, coming back to ultimately find support in the 11.80-range.

Then on Friday, EYES made another significant run as it exploded out of the gate at a low of 12.17 and soared to an afternoon high of 17.39. It marked an strong intraday gain of 47% on more than 16x the 3-month average volume.

That high also resulted in an overall increase of 82% above the low we observed on Tuesday morning, an incredible 4-day swing for a stock trading in this price range.

Friday’s Options Idea

We also want to take a minute to congratulate any of our readers who connected on our options daytrading idea for Monster Beverage Corp. MNST from Friday’s report. Just to refresh your memories, we speculated that $135-137 Weekly Calls might have been in line to see some rapid upward moves, and that’s precisely what occurred as the stock made its own solid run.

The first hour saw MNST trading the entire breadth of its daily range from a low of 137.72 to a high of 143.89, and as a result, our targeted contracts saw sharp rises in excess of roughly 200%

Added Reminder:

For some of our newer readers who may not be familiar with our operating procedures, EnXnet, Inc. EXNT is going to serve as an excellent reminder of why we encourage our subscribers to check our blog at BlueHorseshoeStocks.com each morning, even if you’ve already read our report via email or a republish on a Third-Party website.

Very often, we catch runners early in the session that were not included in our daily premarket report, and when this occurs, we place these symbols on our sidebar tracker.

Just such a occurrence came in the form of EXNT on Friday at approximately 9:50AM when we spotted it and placed it on the tracker. From that time on, the stock traded up 137% from a low of .04 to subsequent high of .095, so again, we encourage everyone to visit Blue Horseshoe Stocks after trading commences each morning to catch potential late-adds just like EXNT.

Extended Watchlist: