Tuesday’s Trio of Runners, 4 New Possible Trades

Recap of Tuesday’s Plays:

Another solid session went on the books yesterday, with our premarket report for the day containing three possible plays based off of the earnings reporters that interested us the most in the premarket. For the second straight day this week, we were able to highlight some nice movers that provided traders with some good intraday gain opportunities. We have been doing really well this month, and the cycle of winning persisted through another fine trading day.

Our designated targets for Tuesday were the LOW Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls, the PANW Weekly $312.50-307.50 Puts, and the M Weekly $19-20 Calls. The numbers they put up weren’t earth-shattering, but they all did quite well on the session:

LOW Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls
 .24-.53 (+121%)
$235: .15-.28 (+87%)
$237.50: .04-.16 (+300%)

PANW Weekly $312.50-307.50 Puts
$312.50: 2.22-5.41 (+144%)
$305: 1.48-4.21 (+184%)
$307.50: 3.76-12.28 (+227%)

M Weekly $19-20 Calls
$19: .39-1.25 (+220%)
$19.50: .22-.86 (+291%)
$20: .12-.57 (+375%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
URBN Weekly $42 Calls
TJX Weekly $99-100 Calls
TGT Weekly $144-142 Puts
WSM Weekly $340 Calls

Extended Watchlist: 

Monday’s Movers, 3 New Ideas

Good Beginning to a Fresh Week:

We fared pretty well for the first day of the fresh trading week yesterday. We offered up three possible trading ideas in our premarket report for the day, and we ended up witnessing some decent intraday moves from all three of them. We have been managing to be pretty mistake free in recent weeks, and it looks like we’re off to another good start.

Yesterday potential targets were the PANW Weekly $315-317.50 Calls, the WIX 06/21 $145-150 Calls, and the GLBE 06/21 $35 Calls. Those saw the following modest-to-solid gains on the session, with the WIX Calls taking the cake in terms of percentage gains. Here’s how everything shook out on Monday:

PANW Weekly $315-317.50 Calls
15.48-21.27 (+37%)
$317.50: 14.19-20.03 (+41%)

WIX 06/21 $145-150 Calls
$145: 9.15-26.20 (+186%)
$150: 6.09-20.90 (+243%)

GLBE 06/21 $35 Calls
$35: 1.35-2.23 (+65%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

LOW Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls
PANW Weekly $312.50-307.50 Puts
M Weekly $19-20 Calls

OTC Recaps:

Here’s a couple of multibag runners that we’ve recently flagged in our extended watchlists. Click links to see the reports in which they were first included.

Ronn, Inc. (OTCMKTS:RONN) 
First Alerted: May 17th 
Subsequent Gain: .0031-.017 (+448%)

Green Giant, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GGEI) 
First Alerted: May 15th 
Subsequent Gain: .0051-.018 (+253%)

Extended Watchlist: 

Happy Thanksgiving!! 4 Fresh Options Plays

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!

We wanted to start things off this morning by wishing all of our fellow American readers a happy holiday! We hope everyone enjoys the day tomorrow, no matter how you and yours celebrate Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for all our regular readers, new and old! We’re also ready to sit down for a major feast and a mid-week respite, and then hop right back in the saddle and continue feasting on excellent options gains!

Things went fairly well for us yesterday with the options selections we included in our premarket report, all recording some level of intraday upswings. We were looking at the BURL Weekly $149-150 Calls , the DKS Weekly $127-129 Calls, the LOW Weekly $200-197.50 Puts, and the SYM 12/15 $47.50-50 Calls, and they put forth the following moves on the day:

BURL Weekly $149-150 Calls
 10.90-14.15 (+30%)
$150: 7.60-16.86 (+122%)

DKS Weekly $127-129 Calls
 3.97-6.11 (+54%)
$128: 3.21-5.45 (+70%)
$129: 2.71-4.30 (+59%)

LOW Weekly $200-197.50 Puts
 1.61-3.39 (+111%)
$197.50: .84-2.25 (+168%)

SYM 12/15 $47.50-50 Calls
 2.50-7.80 (+212%)
$50: 1.60-6.20 (+287%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 11/22 $453-454 Calls*
DE Weekly $365-360 Puts**
URBN Weekly $36-34 Puts**
GES 12/15 $22-20 Puts

*Trading options on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders.

**This week’s ‘weekly’ contracts expire early, when the market closes at 1PM Eastern on Black Friday

Extended Watchlist: