Another Great Options Trading Week

Options Review

We offered up a longer-term options idea on Twitter roughly two-and-a-half weeks ago, highlighting the TWTR 02/28 $36-37 Calls last month on the 21st. We’ve gotten some good results from those so far, thanks to yesterday’s positive earnings, so we wanted to start off by reporting those gains. We’ve also had good success from our TSLA and EL ideas from yesterday, as well as being all over the SPY this week.

TWTR 02/28 $36-37 Calls
$36: .64-3.80 (+494%)
$36.50: .69-3.15 (+357%)
$37: .49-2.91 (+494%)

TSLA Weekly $720-710 Puts
$720: 4.60-15.00 (+226%)
$717.50: 4.39-13.04 (+197%)
$715: 4.00-12.50 (+213%)
$712.50: 4.10-11.00 (+168%)
: 3.50-11.28 (+222%)

EL 02/21 $220 Calls
.27-.95 (+252%)

SPY Weekly $332-334 Calls
: 1.02-2.55 (+150%)
$332.50: .81-2.18 (+169%)
$333: .63-1.80 (+186%)
$334: .36-1.19 (+70%)

Fresh Ideas:
ABBV Weekly $89-90.50 Calls
UBER Weekly $38.50-40 Calls 

Nine Energy Service Inc. NINE 

We want to watch NINE which is giving off a multiple bottom bounce signal, for a possible recovery in coming weeks. We’ll be looking at the stock itself, which as you can see form the chart below, could easily rack up 50-100% in gains with a nice rebound, as well as tracking the NINE 03/20 $5 Calls.

Another Successful Trading Week

Closing Out Another Week of Success

We’ve been hitting on our options ideas left and right this week, as usual. There hasn’t been many ideas that we’ve formulated which didn’t require us to turn right back around the following day and report big gains. This morning is no exception to that pattern.

Yesterday in our premarket report we submitted ideas for the options chains of both RAD and DRI, and in both cases, we had the chance to score multi-bag gains. The potential profits were as follows:

RAD Weekly $9.50-10.50 Calls
$9.50 Calls – 1.78-2.81 – Max Gain: 58%
$10 Calls – 1.12-2.42 – Max Gain: 116%
$10.50 Calls – .99-1.88 – Max Gain: 261%

DRI Weekly $115-110 Puts  
$115 Puts
– 2.67-5.90 – Max Gain: 122%
$110 Puts – .15-1.07 – Max Gain: 148%

Fresh Options Ideas: 
Winnebago Industries, Inc. WGO Weekly $50 Calls*
Scholastic Corp. SCHL Weekly $35-40 Calls*
SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY Weekly $319-320.50 Calls*
Tesla Inc. TSLA Weekly $405-412.50 Calls*

*Never trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds. 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Happy New Year!

Huge Winners from Friday

We highlighted multiple options ideas on Friday, and are pleased to report that we found major success across the board. Despite closing flat, the markets as a whole produced an intraday run which was sufficient to push everything on our radar to huge gains. It was a great way to close out 2018 with a bang, especially considering the poor trajectory we were on just a few sessions prior.

SPDR S&P500 ETF (SPY) – For the SPY we formulated two sets of ideas, one for calls and one for puts, and because of the market, both ideas were hugely successful. They were the  SPY Weekly $248-249.50 Calls, and the SPY Weekly $251-250 Puts. For the Calls, the crux of the gains came in the 2 o’clock hour, while the heaviest moves for the Puts came at Power Hour.

$248 Calls – Range: .84-3.47 – Max Gain: 313%
$248.50 Calls – Range: .64-2.80 – Max Gain: 338%
$249 Calls – Range: .50-2.50 – Max Gain: 400%
$249.50 Calls – Range: .40-2.05 – Max Gain: 410%

$251 Puts – Range: .81-3.81 – Max Gain: 370%
$250.50 Puts – Range: .62-3.21 – Max Gain: 418%
$250 Puts – Range: .43-3.02 – Max Gain: 602%

Tesla, Inc. TSLA

We also had a range of TSLA Calls lined up on Friday, and those all fared extremely well also. The gains were even more impressive than those of the SPY, with a five, a six, and an eight-bagger in the mix!

$322.50 Calls – Range: 2.14-13.50 – Max Gain: 531%
$325 Calls – Range: 1.39-11.05– Max Gain: 636%
$327.50 Calls – Range: .90-8.80 – Max Gain: 878%


Despite the last few weeks of horrid market conditions, 2018 as a whole was another great year for us, and it was nice to finish it on a similar high note. We focused on, and will continue to focus on high risk high reward options plays, with stocks peppered in when appropriate. We appreciate every single one of our readers, and will strive to continue serving you well, as we head into Blue Horseshoe Stocks’ ninth calendar year! Happy New Year, and we look forward to a fantastic 2019!

Extended Watchlist: