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Reviewing Winning Options Plays: 

We kicked off the fresh trading week yesterday with a pair of options ideas and we typically met with some pretty solid intraday gain chances for ourselves and our readers.

We were after the TSLA Weekly $645-650 Calls and the HAS Weekly $94.50-96 Calls, and they both exhibited the activity we were looking for on the day. With the exception of one set in our designated ranges, the HAS $94.50’s, the rest of our targets produced excellent results.

Here were the daily ranges and total gains on the table for yesterday’s ideas:

TSLA Weekly $645-650 Calls 
$645: 23.80-35.80 (+50%)
$647.50: 22.65-34.15 (+51%)
$650: 21.15-32.50 (+54%)

HAS Weekly $94.50-96 Calls
$95: 2.90-9.10 (+214%)
$95.50: 2.04-9.30 (+356%)
$96: 3.39-8.03 (+137%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UPS Weekly $210-205 Puts
GE Weekly $12.50-13 Calls
RTX Weekly $86.50-87.50 Calls 

OTC Recaps:

Signature Devices Inc. SDVI – We’ve been tracking SDVI all month long, with mentions on the 1st of July, as well as another last week, and a tag in yesterday’s report. Over that time span, this super-subpenny play has made a fairly decent run and approached subpenny territory.

Subsequent to our initial alert on the 1st, the stock has made a 200% run from .0003-.0009. We’ll continue to watch for the stock’s breach into double-zero figures in the days ahead.

CyberLux Corp. CYBL – Speaking of plays we’ve been on top of for the month of July, CYBL has appeared many times since the end of last month, in our report on June 28th. It would see a low of .0045 and after four solid weeks of incremental gains, the stock hit .0167 to start the week off yesterday. That marks a move of 271%

Extended Watchlist:

Friday’s Rippers, Fresh Ideas

Reviewing Winning Options Plays: 

We made our typical attempt at unearthing some winning options ideas on Friday morning, and with a boatload of earnings reporters to choose from we went with Twitter and Snapchat, in addition to some SPY calls, as we were confident in a bullish session for the markets at large.

Our estimation proved accurate as the markets ripped all day long, and that made for some interesting daily gain opportunities in our designated contract sets. Specifically, we were tracking the TWTR Weekly $71.50-73 Calls, the SNAP Weekly $72.50-73.50 Calls, and the SPY 07/23 $436-437.50 Calls.

In each and every case we were afforded the opportunity to log multi-bag intraday gains. The total ranges and moves on those plays were as follows:

TWTR Weekly $71.50-73 Calls
$71.50: .59-1.56 (+164%)
$72: .45-1.24 (+175%)
$72.50: .32-.97 (+203%)
$73: .23-.73 (+217%)

SNAP Weekly $72.50-73.50 Calls
 2.48-6.44 (+160%)
$73: 2.00-6.05 (+202%)
$73.50: 1.30-5.32 (+309%)

SPY 07/23 $436-437.50 Calls
$436: 1.22-4.43 (+263%)
$437: .64-3.49 (+445%)
$437.50: .41-2.97 (+624%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TSLA Weekly $645-650 Calls
HAS Weekly $94.50-96 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

More Hot Options Plays

Options Review:

Our first targets of the week in Monday morning’s premarket report were AAPL and TSLA, as both stocks underwent a forward split of their share structures, lowering their PPS values and getting a lot of fresh buyers coming into the mix.

We positioned ourselves accordingly with ideas for each chain, with the TSLA Weekly $447-455 Calls and the AAPL Weekly $125-127.50 Calls, and activity provided by the stock over these first two sessions of the week has provided us with the following gain opportunities:

TSLA Weekly $447-455 Calls 
$447: 18.00-60.63 (+237%)
$450: 16.80-57.95 (+245%)
$455: 15.00-53.63 (+258%)

AAPL Weekly $125-127.50 Calls
$125: 5.05-10.75 (+113%)
$126.25: 4.00-9.80 (+145%)
$127.50: 3.87-8.75 (+126%)

We’ expect to see these AAPL figures increase today, and we’re going to stick with the Apple chain this morning and roll our targeted strike area up to include the AAPL $136.25-137.50 Calls.

Fresh Options Ideas:
ODT 01/15 $17.50-22.50 Calls
GES 09/18 $13-14 Calls
LE 09/18 $15 Calls
VRA 09/18 $7.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: