PANW, BJ Reviews

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc. BJ

We had been tracking a target in the BJ’s options chain toward the end of last week, which were the BJ 06/19 $30 Calls. Then on Friday morning, we added an extra idea by rolling up to include the 06/19 $40 Calls as well. After another solid push, we have a new high to report on the $30’s, and our newer ideas performed well also, posting a multibag intraday performance.

So overall, from Thursday’s signal on the 06/19 $30 Calls, we observed a two-day swing from 1.50-8.42, marking a rise of 461%  Meanwhile, the 06/19 $40 Calls
posted a move from .45-1.68, which worked out to a single-session gain of 273%

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. PANW

Additionally, we had highlighted a trio of contracts in the PANW chain in our premarket report from Friday, with the PANW Weekly $235-245 Calls. We were able to see quite a bit of success there. 

Weekly $235-245 Calls
$235: 4.68-8.30 (+77%)
$240: 2.45-5.03 (+105%)
$245: .99-3.35 (+238%)

Fresh Options Idea: 
SPY 05/27 $302-303 Calls

BJ Recap, Fresh Options Ideas

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc. BJ – Recap

As usual, we put out some fresh options ideas in yesterday mornings report, and despite a poor showing for the markets in general, we did see some instant success with our one-contract target in the BJ’s chain.

We had highlighted the BJ 06/19 $30 Calls for observation and the stock provided us with a great opportunity for huge gains with its own move from from 30.39 to 35.45 (+17%). The $30 Calls ran from 1.50-5.60, for an enormous intraday rip of 273%

We will also roll up to include the 06/19 $40 Calls on our watchlist heading into the long weekend, as the momentum from yesterday’s big move could certainly spill over.

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DE Weekly $145-148 Calls
PANW Weekly $235-245 Calls
BABA Weekly $205-207.50 Calls

*Please DO NOT attempt to trade options contracts with a weekly expiration on a Friday unless you are an advanced-level trader with access to disposable funds! 

Success, Despite Market Troubles

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. PANW  – Update

In addition to the PANW Weekly $240-235 Puts we highlighted on Monday, yesterday we cast an even wider net in modifying our strike area to include the $210-200 Puts.

Thanks to the 3rd biggest single-session loss in DOW history, we’ve got all new highs on each and every contract we’ve been tracking.

PANW Weekly $240-235 Puts
$240: 10.11-43.37 (+329%)
$237.50: 8.85-41.61 (+370%)
$235: 7.75-43.00 (+455%)

$210-200 Puts

$210: 8.65-16.50 (+91%)
$207.50: 6.06-14.52 (+140%)
$205: 5.02-12.15 (+142%)
$200: 2.08-8.75 (+321%)

Fresh Ideas:
TJX Weekly $62.50-65 Calls
LOW Weekly $119-121 Calls 

Genprex, Inc. GNPX

Our regular readers should recall our recent coverage of GNPX, which we initially slated for observation in our report on on January 6th, when the stock was trading for a little as .29. We were recently commenting on its incredible performance just last week.

Despite some of the worst days for the market in its history, GNPX has managed to set new highs once again, yesterday reaching 7.03. From our observed low of less than two months ago, that represents an a stellar overall increase of 2324%


We also wanted to relay the new high set by IQST, which we had just signaled on Monday morning, and updated readers on yesterday morning. From our low of .1483, the stock soared to .5174, registering as a total two-day gain of 249%

IQST also has news out today, so we’ll keep it on our radar jedhbdhuj