Wednesday Recap, Fresh Plays to End the Short Week

Solid Moves on Wednesday:

We hope everyone had an enjoyable day off yesterday for the holiday. There won’t be much going on this morning for this Black Friday half day, but we’ve got the figures from yesterday’s options ideas, all four of which produced intraday upswings. We haven’t got a load of earnings reporters to work with this morning, but we’ll manage to scrape together a few ideas to close out this short trading week, which ends with today’s half-day.

Wednesday’s winners were the SPY 11/22 $453-454 Calls, the DE Weekly $365-360 Puts, the URBN Weekly $36-34 Puts, and the GES 12/15 $22-20 Puts. The following are the daily moves and total possible gains that were on the table for those plays:

SPY 11/22 $453-454 Calls
 1.09-2.38 (+118%)
$454: .42-1.51 (+259%)

DE Weekly $365-360 Puts
 4.89-9.76 (+99%)
$362.50: 4.34-7.13 (+64%)
$360: 2.54-6.00 (+136%)

URBN Weekly $36-34 Puts
 2.39-4.14 (+73%)
$35: 1.60-3.50 (+119%)
$34: .75-2.70 (+260%)

GES 12/15 $22-20 Puts
$22: 1.00-1.42 (+42%)
$21: .55-1.11 (+102%)
$20: .25-.63 (+152%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
HTHT Weekly $35 Calls*
BABA Weekly $78-79 Calls*
SPY 11/24 $454 Calls*

*This week’s ‘weekly’ contracts expire early today, at 1PM Eastern. USE EXTREME CAUTION!

Star Alliance International Corp. (OTCMKTS:STAL) – Recap:

We began tagging STAL in our extended watchlists on November 3rd,  at which time the stock was trading for as low as .001, and on Wednesday, we witnessed yet another new high of .0125. That brings the overall increase we’ve observed here in just a few weeks up to an incredible 1150%

Extended Watchlist:

Happy Thanksgiving!! 4 Fresh Options Plays

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!

We wanted to start things off this morning by wishing all of our fellow American readers a happy holiday! We hope everyone enjoys the day tomorrow, no matter how you and yours celebrate Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for all our regular readers, new and old! We’re also ready to sit down for a major feast and a mid-week respite, and then hop right back in the saddle and continue feasting on excellent options gains!

Things went fairly well for us yesterday with the options selections we included in our premarket report, all recording some level of intraday upswings. We were looking at the BURL Weekly $149-150 Calls , the DKS Weekly $127-129 Calls, the LOW Weekly $200-197.50 Puts, and the SYM 12/15 $47.50-50 Calls, and they put forth the following moves on the day:

BURL Weekly $149-150 Calls
 10.90-14.15 (+30%)
$150: 7.60-16.86 (+122%)

DKS Weekly $127-129 Calls
 3.97-6.11 (+54%)
$128: 3.21-5.45 (+70%)
$129: 2.71-4.30 (+59%)

LOW Weekly $200-197.50 Puts
 1.61-3.39 (+111%)
$197.50: .84-2.25 (+168%)

SYM 12/15 $47.50-50 Calls
 2.50-7.80 (+212%)
$50: 1.60-6.20 (+287%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 11/22 $453-454 Calls*
DE Weekly $365-360 Puts**
URBN Weekly $36-34 Puts**
GES 12/15 $22-20 Puts

*Trading options on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders.

**This week’s ‘weekly’ contracts expire early, when the market closes at 1PM Eastern on Black Friday

Extended Watchlist:

Winning Wednesday, New Big Name Earnings Plays

A Winning Wednesday:  

We continued to make our job look easy on  Wednesday, once again offering up a chunky slate of potential options ideas in our morning report. He formulated possible targets in five options chains, and met with some very nice results for the day.  Of course, a nice selection of daily earnings reporters always helps with that. In case some of our readers hadn’t picked up on that yet, we love using the volatility that results when these megacap companies drop their reports. We’ve got another nice calendar for this morning as well.

As for yesterday’s five targets, all of which posted good intraday moves, we had the TOL Weekly $76 Calls, the URBN Weekly $35-36 Calls, the ADI Weekly $167.50-165 Puts, the WSM Weekly $125-126 Calls, and the LANC Weekly $180-175 Puts.

TOL Weekly $76 Calls
2.35-4.00 (+70%)

URBN Weekly $35-36 Calls
$35: .30-.50 (+67%)
$36: .07-.15 (+114%)

ADI Weekly $167.50-165 Puts
$167.50: .09-.14 (+56%)
$165: .05-.10 (+100%)

WSM Weekly $125-126 Calls
$125: 4.40-15.75 (+258%)
$126: 3.91-14.83 (+279%)

LANC 09/15 $180-175 Puts
$180: 14.98-15.88 (+6%)
$175: 10.69-12.60 (+18%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NVDA Weekly $497.50-502.50 Calls
SNOW Weekly $157.50-160 Calls
SPLK Weekly $111-113 Calls
ADSK Weekly $215-220 Calls
SPY 08/24 $443-444 Calls*

*Trading contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Extended Watchlist: