Wednesday’s Winners, 6 Fresh Options Plays

Reviewing Wednesday’s Movers:

It was a good day for the options picks we highlighted in yesterday morning’s premarket report, We included three sets of weekly options, and a potential swing trade on some longer-term targets. All three of our quick-strike ideas bore immediate fruit, and posted some nice intraday runs on their respective charts.

That trio of runners was the DLTR Weekly $145-142 Puts, the TSLA Weekly $177.50-172.50 Puts, and the COIN Weekly $252.50-250 Puts. These were the performances they recorded for Wednesday’s session:

DLTR Weekly $145-142 Puts
: 11.50-17.83 (+55%)
$144: 11.91-16.53 (+39%)
$143: 9.97-16.00 (+60%)
$142: 9.25-15.27 (+65%)

TSLA Weekly $177.50-172.50 Puts
: 4.00-8.75 (+119%)
$175: 2.70-6.60 (+144%)
$172.50: 1.76-4.70 (+167%)

COIN Weekly $252.50-250 Puts
$252.50: 2.96-8.43 (+185%)
$250: 2.42-7.55 (+212%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TSLA Weekly $170-167.50 Puts
WB Weekly $10 Calls
DKS Weekly $195-197.50 Calls
FUTU Weekly $62-60 Puts
PATH Weekly $25-26 Calls
SPY 03/14 $516-517 Calls*

*Only experienced traders should attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration

Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. (NYSE:LICY) – Recap: 

We signaled interest in tracking LICY via our extended watchlist in yesterday’s report, and the stock made a really nice move on the day. It traded up from a low of .6537, and hit a daily high of .8997. That worked out to an intraday rise of 38% which is very respectable for a stock in this price range.

Extended Watchlist:

Tuesday’s Plays, 4 New Possibilities

Recap of Tuesday’s Figures:

We included only a pair of potential options trading targets in yesterday morning’s premarket report, which is a little lighter of a load than usual. It just so happened that those were the earnings plays that we found more interesting in the premarket. We were able to see some nice intraday movement off of those ideas despite the small sample size.

Our possible targets for the day were the ADM Weekly $54-56 Calls, and the ORCL Weekly $125-128 Calls, and here were the numbers they recorded for Tuesday’s session: 

ADM Weekly $54-56 Calls
: 3.20-4.35 (+36%)
$55: 2.00-2.85 (+42%)
$56: 1.20-1.90 (+58%)

ORCL Weekly $125-128 Calls 

$125: 2.17-4.25 (+96%)
$126: 1.75-3.45 (+97%)
$127: 1.34-2.75 (+105%)
$128: .99-2.20 (+122%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DLTR Weekly $145-142 Puts
TSLA Weekly $177.50-172.50 Puts
COIN Weekly $252.50-250 Puts
YORW 04/19 $35 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Holiday High-Flyers, A Pair of New Ideas

Festive Friday Fireworks:

We’re happy to have closed things out on a high note in our report on Friday morning, as we are heading into the holiday lull, with no earnings reporters to play off of until 2024. It has been an absolutely incredible year for us. We had a MOUNTAIN of successful calls, versus just a handful of misses, for the ENTIRE year! We’re also very thankful for the read rates that our subscribers have allowed us to achieve this year- the highest ever in our extremely long history!

Friday we signaled interest in four plays, and all four returned some solid intraday gain opportunities. They were the NKE 01/05 $108-110 Calls, the MARA Weekly $25-26 Calls, the COIN Weekly $170 Calls, and the DLTR Weekly $135 Calls, and these were the figures they posted on the day:

NKE 01/05 $108-110 Calls
 1.14-2.34 (+105%)
$109: .60-1.51 (+152%)
$110: .34-.88 (+159%)

MARA Weekly $25-26 Calls
$25: .55-2.70 (+391%)
$25.50: .39-2.12 (+444%)
$26: .25-1.74 (+596%)

COIN Weekly $170 Calls
 1.66-8.65 (+421%)

DLTR Weekly $135 Calls
$135: 1.16-2.00 (+72%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 12/26 $473-474 Calls*
INTC Weekly $48.50-49.50 Calls

*Only experienced traders should attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration

Sonendo Inc. (OTCMKTS:SONX) – Recap: 

We also wanted to provide a brief update on SONX, an OTC play we began tracking just under a month ago on November 30th. Subsequent to that tag, we have observed a huge run in this stock from as little as .045, up to Friday’s impressive new high of .35. That represents a massive upswing of 678%

Extended Watchlist: