Big Start to the Week, Fresh Options Ideas

Solid Start to the Week:

Things got off to a good start for us yesterday, as we opened the books on another trading week. Things were a little slow on the earnings front, so there weren’t many things catching our eye, but the two sets of targets that we did generate for our premarket report did post rather impressive intraday performances. Today’s earnings calendar is much fuller, so we’ll have a wider selection of potential plays this morning.

We had signaled potential interest in the ZIM Weekly $16.50-15.50 Puts, and the GLBE 06/16 $35 Puts, and most of the intraday moves they recorded were good for multibag gains. We’ve also got an update on a set of calls we have been tracking since the morning of May 8th, the GTLB 05/26 $28 Calls, which have made quite a significant run as GTLB has been on a steady rise these past couple of weeks.

ZIM Weekly $16.50-15.50 Puts
$16.50: .50-2.03 (+306%)
$16: .50-1.60 (+220%)
$15.50: .31-1.07 (+245%)

GLBE 06/16 $35 Puts 
$35: 1.75-3.04 (+74%)

GTLB 05/26 $28 Calls
$28: 1.70-4.50 (+165%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LOW Weekly $202.50-200 Puts
DKS Weekly $128-130 Calls
BJ 06/16 $65 Puts
ZM Weekly $71-69 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Serious Options Runners, New Plays

Tuesday’s Clean Options Sweep:

It was another beautiful day for our options trading prospects on Tuesday. We lofted four potential plays in our premarket report and every single one returned significant intraday movement and thus a chance to bag some quick profits on the session.

Out specific targets of interest were the LMT Weekly $495-500 Calls, the BAC Weekly $30-31 Calls, the GS Weekly $330-325 Puts, and the JNJ Weekly $165-167.50 Calls. With the exception of only two contract sets in the entirety of those ranges, which posted percentage swings in the 90’s, every other strike yield double-bag moves or better! Here are the ranges and total possible gains they produced:

LMT Weekly $495-500 Calls
 6.50-13.60 (+109%)
$497.50: 4.60-11.30 (+146%)
$500: 3.70-10.06 (+172%)

BAC Weekly $30-31 Calls
 .30-.78 (+160%)
$30.50: .14-.43 (+207%)
$31: .07-.20 (+186%)

GS Weekly $330-325 Puts
$330: .91-1.79 (+97%)
$327.50: .52-1.06 (+104%)
$325: .30-.58 (+93%)

JNJ Weekly $165-167.50 Calls
$165: .07-.35 (+400%)
$167.50: .02-.11 (+450%)

Fresh Option Ideas:
NFLX Weekly $327.50-322.50 Puts
ISRG Weekly $287.50-292.50 Calls
MS Weekly $87.50-86 Puts
SPY 04/19 $413-412 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Options Runners, Fresh Plays, OTC Recap

Options Review:

We closed things out for last week on Friday morning with both a short and a longer-term options trading idea, and our quick-strike play was the one to produce the primary mover of the day for us. That being said, our extended term ideas shouldn’t be swept under the rug simply because they don’t pop on the very first day, and a prime example of that, are the April calls we signaled for General Mills in our previous report on Thursday morning.

Today to kick things off we’ve got the figures from Friday’s runner, the , as well as Thursday’s target, the GIS 04/21 $82.50 Calls, which only took an extra day to absolutely blow thier lids. Here’s the breakdown of Friday’s single-session moves in the SPY 03/24 $392-391 Puts as well as the two-day swing from the GIS Calls:

SPY 03/24 $392-391 Puts
 1.40-2.96 (+111%)
$39: 1.10-2.34 (+113%)

GIS 04/21 $82.50 Calls
$82.50: .50-3.10 (+520%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 03/27 $396-398 Calls
UNFI 04/21 $22.50-25 Calls
BNTX Weekly $124-123 Puts
HTHT 04/21 $50 Calls

Principal Solar, Inc.(OTCMKTS:PSWW) – Update:

We also wanted to do a brief update on PSWW, the energy company we highlighted in a special report this past Wednesday (>>Read Wednesday’s Report). The stock has been maintaining higher highs and higher lows since coming off of its recent 52-week lows.

Last week it managed to break above both its 50 and 200 Day Moving Average. Moving forward, we’d like to see PSWW maintain support at or above the current 50DMA of .009 on any consolidations. From our observed low of .009, to the high of .0125, we have thus far seen a 39% increase in PSWW.

Check out the most recent news released by PSWW from Thursday regarding its latest shareholder letter (>>Read PR via Accesswire)

You can also learn more about PSWW and its current projects at

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