Big Start to the Week, Fresh Options Ideas

Solid Start to the Week:

Things got off to a good start for us yesterday, as we opened the books on another trading week. Things were a little slow on the earnings front, so there weren’t many things catching our eye, but the two sets of targets that we did generate for our premarket report did post rather impressive intraday performances. Today’s earnings calendar is much fuller, so we’ll have a wider selection of potential plays this morning.

We had signaled potential interest in the ZIM Weekly $16.50-15.50 Puts, and the GLBE 06/16 $35 Puts, and most of the intraday moves they recorded were good for multibag gains. We’ve also got an update on a set of calls we have been tracking since the morning of May 8th, the GTLB 05/26 $28 Calls, which have made quite a significant run as GTLB has been on a steady rise these past couple of weeks.

ZIM Weekly $16.50-15.50 Puts
$16.50: .50-2.03 (+306%)
$16: .50-1.60 (+220%)
$15.50: .31-1.07 (+245%)

GLBE 06/16 $35 Puts 
$35: 1.75-3.04 (+74%)

GTLB 05/26 $28 Calls
$28: 1.70-4.50 (+165%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LOW Weekly $202.50-200 Puts
DKS Weekly $128-130 Calls
BJ 06/16 $65 Puts
ZM Weekly $71-69 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Another Clean Sweep on Options Plays, 4 New Ideas

Another Perfect Session: 

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, we had just gone over our flawless options slate from Monday before offering up a selection of fresh potential plays, as we do each day. No one can be perfect all the time, but we certainly manage it here with surprising regularity.

All three of our daily interests produced good intraday movement and provided us with some pretty nice chances for intraday profits. Our targets on the session were the ATVI Weekly $72.50-73 Calls, the BP Weekly $35-36 Calls, and the BIDU Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls. Thanks to some help from a mainly bullish session for the markets at large, we saw the following trading ranges and gain chances:

ATVI Weekly $72.50-73 Calls
 2.70-4.20 (+55%)
$73: 2.50-4.25 (+70%)

BP Weekly $35-36 Calls
 1.31-2.93 (+123%)
$35.50: .97-2.40 (+147%)
$36: .62-1.93 (+211%)

BIDU Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls
$157.50: 3.30-5.50 (+67%)
$160: 2.50-4.35 (+74%)
$162.50: 1.93-3.30 (+71%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UBER Weekly $36.50-37.50 Calls
CVS Weekly $86-88 Calls
FTNT 02/17 $60-65 Calls
ENPH Weekly $245-250 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

TLSS Blows its Top…Again!

Transportation and Logistics Systems Inc. TLSS

Our last mention of TLSS came this past Thursday, when we provided updates on the incredible run underway for TLSS. We had originally alerted this OTC stock on the morning of April 16th, and by Wednesday of last week, it had made an excellent move of 632% from .0099-.0725.

On Friday, TLSS once again made an exponential leap, and took it to another stratosphere, setting a new high of .1548. That brought our total observed range since we began tracking this stock to a massive 1464%

Even if you had only caught our mention of the stock on Thursday, which saw a low of .05, you still had access to gains of up to 210% so all in all, our coverage of TLSS has been a rousing success. We even expect to see further gains at the open today with the stock preparing to gap up.

More Interesting Stocks

It isn’t all options all the time for us, as you may have gathered from the above-mentioned play. Here are a couple of other straight stock ideas that we are going to want to place on watch as we head into week’s end.

Luckin Coffee LK – Showing signs of a reversal off of its recent bottom, with a massive gap to the upside. We’ll put this one on extended-term watch.

Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. BGFV – Here we have a solid momentum play, which has been adding gains since the beginning of April.

Special Reminder:

We targeted the SPY 05/27 $302-303 Calls yesterday morning. The market gapped up yesterday, and held most of those gains without adding more. Today, we’re seeing another gap-up which means anyone who snapped up some contracts yesterday will be sitting pretty to profit at the open today. We’ll report those gains in tomorrow’s newsletters.

Fresh Options Ideas:
GSX 06/19 $30-35 Calls  

STNE Weekly $31-32 Calls
VIPS Weekly $16.50-17 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: