Options Reviews, Fresh Ideas

Reviewing Yesterday’s Puts 

We warned of the bearish session that we had incoming, in our premarket report yesterday, and featured some puts in the chains of plays with upcoming earnings. We had signaled the INTU Weekly $290-287.50 Puts as well as the PANW Weekly $240-235 Puts.

Here were the modest, yet respectable, single session gain opportunities provided by those two targets, which were available to ourselves and our readers:

INTU Weekly $290-287.50 Puts
 8.61-10.91 (+27%)
$287.50: 7.30-8.90 (+22%)

PANW Weekly $240-235 Puts

$240: 10.11-12.70 (+26%)
$237.50: 8.85-10.75 (+21%)
$235: 7.75-10.08 (+30%)

Important: We want to update these ideas today, flipping over to the bullish side of the fence on the INTU $287.50-292.50 Calls, and modifying our strike area on PANW with the $210-200 Puts

Fresh Ideas:
HD Weekly $245-250 Calls
KEYS Weekly $95-100 Calls 

OTC Updates

Given the turbulent forecast for the markets at large yesterday, our extended watchlist was comprised solely of stocks listed on the OTC Markets. When the big boards are suffering, it’s often a good idea to track OTC activity, which is typically heightened during these periods. We got nice daily moves out of both IQST and HDII.

Range: .1483-.33 | Gain: 123%

Hypertension Diagnostic, Inc. HDII
Range: .0205-.0349 | Gain: 70%

Using Market Fears for Added Leverage

Deere & Co. DE 

We had a pair of options ideas set for the Deere chain in Friday’s premarket report, and despite the markets getting rocked, they managed some fantastic multi-bag gains for ourselves and our readers.

The targets were the Deere & Co. DE Weekly $175-177.50 Calls, and both contract sets recorded stupendous gains as the stock bucked the overall trend of the day.

DE Weekly $175-177.50 Calls
$175: 2.27-7.00 (+208%)
$177.50: .99-4.57 (+362%)

Fresh Options Ideas

The markets appear to be headed for another difficult session due to continued coronavirus fears among other things, so our fresh options ideas today will be bearish, with the exception of SON, which is exhibiting a good technical setup to put it on longer term watch for a possible rebound in the weeks and months ahead.

INTU Weekly $290-287.50 Puts
PANW Weekly $240-235 Puts
SON 04/17 $55-60 Calls

Extended Watchlist: