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SPY Rips, INTU Calls Push New highs:

We weathered the final day without big-name earnings reporters in the best way we know how yesterday. By focusing on the overall market trend and playing the SPY. We offered some longer term ideas as well, but the SPY Calls were the main event for our premarket report.

In addition to our quick-strike targets in the , we also saw some incredible new highs from the SPY 07/12 $443-445 Calls, which we had just given an update on the INTU Weekly $460-465 Calls, in yesterday’s report. Those calls recorded some incredible new highs on the day. Here’s how those targets performed during Wednesday’s session:

SPY 07/12 $443-445 Calls
2.14-3.75 (+75%)
$444: 1.35-2.76 (+104%)
$445: .73-1.79 (+145%)

INTU Weekly $460-465 Calls
4.00-18.30 (+357%)
$462.50: 3.30-16.00 (+385%)
$465: 4.00-13.60 (+240%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DAL Weekly $49-50 Calls
PEP Weekly $185-187.50 Calls

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Tuesday’s Perfect Performance, Fresh Plays

A Perfect Day for Options:

After an admittedly disappointing outing on Monday, we bounced back yesterday morning with a vengeance. We gathered ourselves quickly and issued four new potential trading ideas in our premarket report, and were not displeased with the results. We got right back to our winning ways, as all four of our designated targets recorded nice intraday moves for us.

Our new interests were the SPY 07/11 $439-441 Calls, the INTU Weekly $460-465 Calls, the WDFC 07/21 $200-210 Calls, and the PSMT 07/21 $75 Puts. The gain chances they afforded us ranged from pretty darn good, to astounding, as you can see below:

SPY 07/11 $439-441 Calls
1.06-3.83 (+261%)
$440: .56-2.95 (+426%)
$441: .16-1.95 (+1118%)

INTU Weekly $460-465 Calls
4.00-7.10 (+78%)
$462.50: 3.30-6.30 (+91%)
$465: 4.00-4.70 (+18%)

WDFC 07/21 $200-210 Calls
$200: 8.40-32.46 (+286%)
$210: 3.20-26.10 (+715%)

PSMT 07/21 $75 Puts
.16-.80 (+400%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

After today, the barren earnings landscape will begin to fill in, with big-name reporters beginning to return tomorrow and Friday. By next week we’ll be absolutely swimming in earnings-related ideas. Today, we’ll just signal some SPY Calls, and a few longer-term possibilities based on chart setups and insider trades.

SPY 07/12 $443-445 Calls*
NTGR 08/18 $15 Calls
EDU 08/11 $43 Puts
ATI 08/18 $45 Puts

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

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Recent Options Movers & More

Recent Runners:

With no earnings plays to work with, it was a pretty rough outing yesterday to kick off the week. We didn’t see immediate chances for returns on the few options ideas we selected, leaving us in anticipation of another earnings season to begin its return next week. We’ll keep the plays we highlighted yesterday on the radar as always, but for this morning’s report, we’ll just focus on some other longer-term ideas we recently formulated, and the progress they’ve managed since then.

We flagged the EVGO 08/18 $4-5 Calls last Monday the 3rd, and the SNOW 08/04 $170-165 Puts we signaled on Friday morning, and have seen some reasonably solid swings from them.

EVGO 08/18 $4-5 Calls
1.40-2.39 (+95%)
$5: .04-.10 (+150%)

SNOW 08/04 $170-165 Puts
6.98-12.52 (+79%)
$165: 5.19-9.70 (+87%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 07/11 $439-441 Calls*
INTU Weekly $460-465 Calls
WDFC 07/21 $200-210 Calls
PSMT 07/21 $75 Puts

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

T2 Biosystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTOO)

We’ve also seen quite an impressive multibag run from TTOO, which we began tracking in our report from the morning of June 22nd. Over these past few weeks we’ve witnessed the stock rise from a low of .066 to as much as .1894 in the premarket this morning. That works out to a gain of 187%

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