Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SGBY, MAXD Updates & More

MaxSound Corp. MAXD

Yesterday, we mentioned how we caught MAXD on Friday morning for a timely 49% rip as the stock ran from .0043 to .0064 that afternoon.

The show was only just beginning, as MAXD broke out of the gate and ran from its opening price of .0065 up to a new high of .0098, recording a 51% intraday upswing, and bringing our observed increase over a two session period to an even 100%

The stock closed at .0079, having registered its fifth consecutive session of higher lows and higher highs. We’ll be looking out for the possibility of a continuation in that pattern moving forward.

Signal Bay, Inc. SGBY

This call was the clear winner out of all of yesterday’s interests in terms of total possible percentage gains. SGBY wasted no time as it took off and subsequently reached its high early on in the session. It traded in a range from .0022 to .0048, for rapid gains of up to 118%

That was followed by a dip and rip maneuver which brought it back to .0029 before undergoing a 34% bounce to the closing price of .0039.

Bill the Butcher, Inc. BILB

We had also tagged BILB for observation in yesterday’s report, and it too enjoyed a big intraday run first thing in the morning before tuckering out early. The stock traded up from .0027 to .0054 right from the opening bell for a nice round 100% jump.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX -  Options Idea

NFLX shares are reacting poorly to the company’s post-market earnings report yesterday afternoon, and so we’d like to make note of a range of bearish options ideas.

We’re going to be looking to the NFLX Weekly $88-85.50 Puts for possible intraday swing trade chances, provided NFLX doesn’t break back above the $88-level.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Revisiting APP & More

American Apparel Inc. APP

This fall, for the first time in a long time, APP failed to see the increases that have coincided with the beginning of the retail season in recent years. Instead, here we are nearing the end of the heaviest shopping days of the year, and the stock is just now beginning to show signs of life.

CEO Dov Charney, thought by many to be one of the worst CEO’s on Wall Street, has been fired by the board of directors per a PR released this morning. His official dismissal amid allegations of misconduct is sitting well with investors, with the stock trading up significantly in premarket activity. We’ll be interested to follow APP more closely as the reigns are handed over to Paula Schneider on January 5th, and if she can turn APP back in a positive direction as the new CEO. >> Read About Charney’s Firing

Looking at the chart, the last time APP was trading as low as it has been in recent weeks was early this summer, just before the stock ran to over 1.20. We’ve covered APP for many years and have witnessed numerous big runs, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a extended recovery off of these 6-month lows, if the stock can get over the hurdle that is the current 200DMA (.74). Beyond that, APP will have to contend with resistance points at .77, .85, and 1.09.

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

During this time of the year when tax-loss selling drives many stocks down to annual lows, we’re always on the lookout for a good bottom-bounce play. ICLD may fit that description. The stock touched 52-week low of 2.77 yesterday, and is currently trending up in the premarket.

The company released a PR this morning announcing  that its new business backlog was at record highs, ($32M) according to CEO Mark Munro, “This is a tribute to our growing sales organization and a competitive edge in our markets. InterCloud’s sales pipeline continues to grow month over month offering great upside as we move into 2015.” >>READ PR 

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CHGS, DUSS & Extended Watchlist

China GengSheng Minerals, Inc. CHGS
After appearing on yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, CHGS came screaming out of the gate, running from .19 all the way up to .35 (+84%). The stock consolidated, and followed that initial run with two subsequent bounces, one from .24-.35 (+46%), and another from .28 to the day’s high at .39 (+39%).

A tip of the cap to anyone who was able to take advantage of some of the nearly 170% in cumulative intraday gains provided by CHGS, which can be seen on the following chart:

Dussault Apparel, Inc. DUSS
DUSS was the addition we made to the day’s watchlist in yesterday’s afternoon update. Following that alert, we saw a low of .0012, followed by a 25% run-up to the .0015 high-of-day where the stock closed.

As you can see on the annotated chart below, the next key area of resistance to watch for a break resides at .0024. A break past that point would put us in blue-sky breakout territory.

PLEASE NOTE: DUSS is a play that we selected from one of our daily scans. We were not compensated in any way to feature DUSS in our reports, however, owners of this newsletter did purchase two million (2,000,000) shares out of the open market.

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