Tech Options Post Major Gains & More

Options Review – Tech Plays Pop Off:

Our offering of fresh options trading ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report consisted of a trio of tech giant earnings reporters. We were looking at the FB Weekly $325-332.50 Calls, the AAPL Weekly $135-138 Calls, and the QCOM Weekly $142-145 Calls. 

We saw considerable activity across the board, which yielded plenty of opportunities to bag intraday profits. As our regular readers understand by now, we enjoy the instant volatility created by earnings reports, and the large tech companies which beat expectations with surprisingly regularity are some of the choicest targets in that regard.

Here are the very respectable daily advances made by those plays, which could have been seized upon by anyone who caught our report:  

FB Weekly $325-332.50 Calls
 1.83-6.67 (+264%)
$327.50: 1.04-4.68 (+350%)
$330: .55-2.97 (+440%)
$332.50: .28-1.72 (+514%)

AAPL Weekly $135-138 Calls
 .30-.73 (+143%)
$136: .16-.40 (+150%)
$137: .10-.20 (+100%)
$138: .06-.11 (+83%)

QCOM Weekly $142-145 Calls 

$142: .87-1.49 (+71%)
$143: .58-.97 (+67%)
$144: .41-.60 (+46%)
$145: .26-.39 (+60%)

More Fresh Options Ideas: 
CL Weekly $80-81.50 Calls*
AZN Weekly $52-53.50 Calls*
ABBV Weekly $110-113 Calls* 

*Please do not attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds.

Biotech Products Services and Research, Inc. BPSR – Recap:

Following a large increase in volume and PPS on Wednesday, we included BPSR in yesterday’s watchlist. Readers could have secured intraday profits of up to % as the stock ran from .36-.63, Following initial alert on this play on March 24th, BPSR has incredibly traded in a range from a low of .046 to yesterday’s new high, which represents an overall increase of 1269%

Extended Watchlist:

OTC Roundup, Options Plays & More

Reviewing Explosive OTC Plays

As we have been mentioning fairly routinely of late, the opportunities being afforded by OTC-traded stocks is at a fever pitch. Since 2012, we have begun to phase in more and more options talk, but our roots began with the OTC. Its exciting to see so many runners like the days of old, and we have hit on several only recently.

Here is a breakdown of when we flagged these plays (click date to view report), and the total possible gains that were on the table due to those mentions:

Green Globe Intl. Inc. GGII
First Alert: 04/14
Subsequent Range: .0018-.031
Total Possible Gain: 1622%

Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. GVSI
First Alert: 04/20
Subsequent Range: .0036-.0311
Total Possible Gain: 764%

Priority Aviation Inc. PJET
First Alert: 04/20
Subsequent Range: .002-.0148
Total Possible Gain: 640%

We also want to mention Indo Global Exchanges Ptd.Ltd. IGEX, which ran from .0021-.0044 for a gain of 110% on the day yesterday following its inclusion in our Veteran Trading Premium Chat.

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Visa, Inc. V – Options Review:

The big winner from yesterday’s pool of options plays was our targets in the Visa options chain. We signaled the V Weekly $230-235 Calls and were met with the following intraday runs for considerable multibag gain chances:

V Weekly $230-235 Calls
$230: 1.90-6.60 (+247%)
$232.50 : 1.00-4.50 (+350%)
$235: .59-2.79 (+373%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AAPL Weekly $135-138 Calls
FB Weekly $325-332.50 Calls
QCOM Weekly $142-145 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Insane SPY Gains!

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Recap

We played AAPL like a fiddle in the closing sessions of last week. On Friday morning, in addition to updating readers on the AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls we targeted the day prior, we also ventured an added set of ideas, with the AAPL Weekly $407.50-412.50 Calls.

Not only did the options we signaled on Thursday make the huge moves we promised, but our extra set also produced enormous gain opportunities on the day. Here are the final ranges and total possible profits provided by all of those targets:

AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls
 10.19-50.38 (+394%)
$377.50: 8.80-51.90 (+490%)

AAPL Weekly $407.50-412.50 Calls
 1.26-18.04 (+1131%)
$410: .69-15.57 (+2156%)
$412.50: .36-13.20 (+3567%)

More Options Review

Additionally, we offered up a couple of other ideas, the SPY Weekly $324-327 Calls as well as the FB Weekly $245-250 Calls, and we were also met with great success on those targets, with some truly eye-popping gains for the SPY in particular:

SPY Weekly $324-327 Calls
$324: .08-2.62 (+3175%)
$325: .02-1.71 (+8450%)
$326: .01-.76 (+7500%)
$327: .01-.08 (+700%)

FB Weekly $245-250 Calls
$245: 7.55-11.40 (+51%)
$247.50: 5.31-9.50 (+79%)
$250: 4.66-7.77 (+67%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MCK Weekly $152.50-155 Calls
GPN 08/21 $180-190 Calls
SPY 08/03 $328-329 Calls


Extended Watchlist: