Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LODE, Options & More

Potential Bottom-Plays

Comstock Mining, Inc. LODE - We’re coming across a serious bottom-bounce candidate in LODE this morning. The stock has been in a general downtrend all year long, and was recently beaten back so severely that a rebound was inevitable. That began yesterday, and now we’re very interested to track the activity and see if we can confirm a sustained reversal on this one.

Taking a look at the included snapshot of the LODE chart, it would quite frankly be a little surprising if this play didn’t see a continued rebound, and it’s currently trading up in the premarket, so we’ll surely want to keep an eye peeled as the session kicks off.

Another notable aspect of this play is that the company must find a way to re-attain a share price of at least a dollar by November, or face delisting from the AMEX.


MabVax Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. MBVX -  Another similar looking chart striking us as a potential bottom-bounce play. MBVX has been trending down since last fall, and it appears as if it’s ready to make a move off of its recently established annual lows, helped along by a key PR.

The company reported positive phase I results for its MVT-2163 ImmunoPET Imaging Agent, an antibody discovery platform focused on the treatment of cancer. (>>View PR) It’s causing a considerable gap-up here in the premarket, and we’ll be quite interested to follow along with the activity.

The Kroger Co. KR  – Options Idea

KR set its own 52-week lows this spring, and has recently been making a comeback on the chart. They’ve also got earnings coming tomorrow, so we thought we’d formulate an options idea running into that release.

We’ll be looking at the KR Weekly $29 and $30 Calls, which could see some nice action, especially if the company’s earnings beat expectations tomorrow.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NIHD Review & More

NII Holdings, Inc. NIHD

We initially tagged NIHD in our premarket report from last Thursday, and on that day we would observe a low of .5472 in the stock. It’s been stepping its way up, but this morning in premarket trading things have really kicked into high gear, with NIHD cracking through the dollar barrier.

As of this morning’s premarket high of 1.14, we’ve now witnessed an increase of 108% in NIHD over a span of just three trading sessions. In order for us to remain highly interested in this play, we’ll want to see it maintain support at or above its current 50DMA of .83 on any pullbacks that may occur.

Celsion Corp. CLSN

We called out CLSN in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and saw a modest yet respectable move out of that play as well. From a low of 3.85 the stock ran as high as 4.96, marking an intraday move of 29%

The stock was number four on the NASDAQ’s top gainer list for the day, and while it did end up tapering back to close near its daily lows, this morning it is gapping up again in the premarket. This surge of activity is primarily due to yesterday’s announcement of positive results in its ovarian cancer treatment trials.

We’ll definitely be keeping CLSN on our radars and watching for the continued establishment of higher lows off of our recently observed bottom.

Bitcoin Services, Inc. BTSC

BTSC was a part of the bitcoin watchlist we issued on May 25th in the midst of a bitcoin frenzy where the crypto-currency was soaring to new all-time highs.

The residual effect for plays like BTSC has been impressive, with with stocks PPS making a jump from our observed low of  .0366 up to a new high of .164 yesterday, which represents a 348% rip which occurred over a period of just seven sessions.

Egalet Corp. EGLT

Not only is EGLT coming off of a bottom on the chart, but in the space of the past 36 hours, the company has made two major announcements.

Yesterday, it was made known that EGLT had “received a U.S. patent for its proprietary Guardian™ Technology tablet architecture used to create precise delivery of combination products with immediate-, delayed- and/or extended-release properties.” (>>View PR)

Today, the announcement was that “one of the largest payers in the United States will provide coverage of ARYMO® ER (morphine sulfate) extended-release tablets” (>>View PR)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Potential Bottom-Bounce Plays & More

Options Updates

Yesterday we brought a couple of fresh options ideas to the table, and in both cases, traders could have fared quite well in terms of single-session gains.

Sage Therapeutics, Inc. SAGE – Weekly $40 and $45 Calls

$40 Calls– Range: 5.40-7.80 – Max Gain: 44%
$45 Calls – Range: 1.81-4.96 – Max Gain: 174%

Shire plc SHPG – Weekly $187.50-195 Calls

$190 Calls – Range: 3.90-5.90 – Max Gain: 51%
$192.50 Calls – Range:  1.40-3.79 – Max Gain: 171%
$195 Calls – Range: 1.30-2.01 – Max Gain: 55%

Cheers go out to any of our readers who were able to take advantage of these solid intraday moves!

Potential Bottom-Bounce Plays

This morning we’ve taken notice of a couple of stocks that are trading near recent relative lows, which have also begun to show some life this week. 

The Female Health Co. FHCO – We like the look of the chart on this one, which is coming off a multiple bottom and just managed to crack through and hold support above its 50DMA. The next area of resistance appears to be the channel between its recent swing high at 1.45 and the 200DMA of 1.57.


Nate’s Food Co. Inc. NHMD – This stock has appeared on our watchlist in the past, and today, we’re circling back around to it purely from the look of the chart. Several indicators are pointing toward the chance of some sizable upswings in sessions to come, so we’ll want to monitor the situation closely.

We’re going to want to see it get back above and hold the 200DMA at .0089 as support going forward.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing a Monster Monday

Monday’s Huge Winners

We kicked off the week in grand fashion yesterday, with what was easily the most successful single session for stocks we’ve had so far in 2016. We had an incredible three picks, all energy-related stocks, make gains of at least a hundred percent concurrent with the continued bolstering of oil prices.

SandRidge Energy, Inc. SDOC

We continued to track SDOC yesterday, after our mention in Friday’s premarket report netted a chance at up to 35% in intraday gains (.05-0674), and the surge was sustained and multiplied. After gapping up to open at .075, the stock bulled its way to an afternoon high of .154, for a solid double-bagger (105%).

From our observed low of a nickel on Friday, yesterday’s high marked a two-session swing of 208%


Penn Virginia Corp. PVAH

Undoubtedly our top-gaining pick of the day, PVAH was off to the races promptly at the open.

It was a pleasure to watch as it spent the entire session in beast-mode, ramping its way up from .112 to .38 on immense volume! That’s an increase of 239% on the day, so big cheers go out to any of our readers who were able to take advantage of this gem!


Goodrich Petroleum Corp. GDPM

GDPM came up big as well with an excellent intraday run, while managing to hold a majority of its daily advances into the close.

It started out with a rip from .0875-.1998, an intraday move of 128%, and came in at .174 at the closing bell, finishing the day on roughly 5x its 3-month average volume.


Linn Co. LLC (LNCO)

While LNCO didn’t crack the double-bag threshold, it certainly had a solid session and came close. The stock traded in a range from .95-1.70, offering up intraday gains if up to 79%


Breightburn Energy Partners, Inc. BBEP

BBEP also put forth a modest, yet respectable performance, rounding out our group of gainers for the day with a run from .80-1.25. That gave folks a shot at gains as high as 56% on the day.

Options Ideas

We’re also going to go ahead and formulate a couple of options trading ideas this morning- one long, and one short:

Urban Outfitters, Inc. URBN - Weekly $29-32 Calls  

Shake Shack, Inc. SHAK -  Weekly $40-37.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist:
AXPW, PPCH, BLKG, TPLM, EGLE, SBGL, SKLN(Possible Rebound Play)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Revisiting APP & More

American Apparel Inc. APP

This fall, for the first time in a long time, APP failed to see the increases that have coincided with the beginning of the retail season in recent years. Instead, here we are nearing the end of the heaviest shopping days of the year, and the stock is just now beginning to show signs of life.

CEO Dov Charney, thought by many to be one of the worst CEO’s on Wall Street, has been fired by the board of directors per a PR released this morning. His official dismissal amid allegations of misconduct is sitting well with investors, with the stock trading up significantly in premarket activity. We’ll be interested to follow APP more closely as the reigns are handed over to Paula Schneider on January 5th, and if she can turn APP back in a positive direction as the new CEO. >> Read About Charney’s Firing

Looking at the chart, the last time APP was trading as low as it has been in recent weeks was early this summer, just before the stock ran to over 1.20. We’ve covered APP for many years and have witnessed numerous big runs, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a extended recovery off of these 6-month lows, if the stock can get over the hurdle that is the current 200DMA (.74). Beyond that, APP will have to contend with resistance points at .77, .85, and 1.09.

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

During this time of the year when tax-loss selling drives many stocks down to annual lows, we’re always on the lookout for a good bottom-bounce play. ICLD may fit that description. The stock touched 52-week low of 2.77 yesterday, and is currently trending up in the premarket.

The company released a PR this morning announcing  that its new business backlog was at record highs, ($32M) according to CEO Mark Munro, “This is a tribute to our growing sales organization and a competitive edge in our markets. InterCloud’s sales pipeline continues to grow month over month offering great upside as we move into 2015.” >>READ PR 

Extended Watchlist: