Home Depot & Other Updates, Fresh Ideas

Recapping Home Depot Calls, Other Options: 

As usual, our first order of business for the day is to provide tracking on our active options trading interests. This morning that includes the solid moves made by the Home Depot calls we signaled for observation in yesterday’s premarket watchlist. as well as some more new highs on a couple of the other plays on our radar this week.

Specifically, we are referring to the HD Weekly $370-375 Calls, the BEKE 11/19 $17.50-20 Calls, and the PYPL 12/10 $210-225 Calls. In the case of the HD’s, we got some fantastic intraday movement, and our pre-existing targets managed to tack on some impressive new highs.

Those movements and total possible options trading profits thus far, are as follows:

HD Weekly $370-375 Calls
$370: 10.00-24.45 (+145%)
$372.50: 8.50-22.00 (+159%)
$375: 7.15-19.51 (+173%)

BEKE 11/19 $17.50-20 Calls
$17.50: 1.94-7.40 (+281%)
$20: .65-5.00 (+669%)

PYPL 12/10 $210-225 Calls
$210: 4.00-10.50 (+163%)
$215: 2.88-7.78 (+170%)
$220: 2.05-5.60 (+173%)
$225: 1.45-4.00 (+176%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BIDU Weekly $170-175 Calls
TJX Weekly $71-73 Calls
LOW Weekly $250-255 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Bottom Plays

New Bottom Plays

While we are in a bit of a drought in terms of big name earnings reports, as tends to happen around a holiday. We’re back for a full, fresh trading week and we thought we’d shift our focus to bottom plays as we kick things off. 

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

TRNX is in precisely the sort of position in which we look for bottom-bounce candidates. The stock saw new lows last week before making its reversal, and stringing together three consecutive positive sessions.

We can also see on the RSI that TRNX is just now coming off of being extremely oversold and the volatility potential suggests that even a 100% move from current pricing would not be out of the realm of possibility. We’ll be keeping an eye peeled here in the days and weeks ahead.


Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc. RMTI 

RMTI is another possible bottom play with some decent potential and a gap to fill the 200DMA currently sitting at 4.11. Perhaps the upside potential here is not quite of the magnitude of the previously mentioned play, but the indicators may be more ripe in this case.

The MACD is on the precipice of a bullish cross, and the RSI is slowly attempting to come off of being oversold. This may also be a good candidate for a more sustained recovery over the next several sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPY, MAXR Recaps & More

Maxar Technologies, Inc. MAXR – Review

Despite what appears to be a significant downturn looming this morning, the markets as a whole posted a solid bullish session on Friday, and that helped one stock we’ve been tracking in recent weeks to record a new high for us.

We tagged MAXR for observation in mid-March, and before the end of the month, it had consolidated down to a low of 3.83. The month of April brought a fairly steady uptrend, and Friday’s strong performance kicked it up another notch. The stock hit a new high of 6.66, marking a move of 74% in just over six weeks. The stock filled almost the entire topside gap that was on the chart, and the RSI has just cracked into the Power Zone, so we’ll want to continue to keep an eye on its activity.

Sysco Corp. SYY – Options Idea

Despite continued China trade tensions throwing a wrench into the markets to start the week today, we are going to be looking a little further ahead with an options idea relating to the imminent golden cross on the SYY chart, combined with the company’s earnings beat posted this morning in the premarket.

The food wholesaler has a chance to break a double top, and we’re going to be ready with an options idea in the event that it manages to do so. Our highlighted targets are going to be the SYY 06/14 $69.50-71 Calls.

Friday SPY Update: We signaled interest in the SPDR S&P500 ETF (SPY) Weekly $292.50 Calls on Friday morning, and those contracts traded up from a low of .53 to 1.76, which represented a single-session move of 232%

Special Note: Our extended watchlist today contains more penny stocks than usual. The OTC tends to heat up when uncertainty strikes the larger markets. We’ll have an eye peeled for interesting activity on that front.

Extended Watchlist: