Big OTC Winners

ADM Endeavors Inc. ADMQ 

We are back once again this morning to provide yet another update on ADMQ, the hot play that we began tracking last month, beginning with the Special Report we put out on July 22nd. Subsequent to that report, the stock was trading for as little as .032 per share.

For the second straight day yesterday, ADMQ was pushed to new highs, reaching .0793. That brings our total witnessed range on this play to a very respectable 148% over the course of just a couple weeks.

Once again today, the company has released some important news that we wanted to pass along to our readers: 

Dallas, TX – (NewMediaWire) – August 07, 2020 – ADM Endeavors, Inc. (OTCQB: ADMQ) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Just Right Products, Inc., has entered into a commercial construction agreement with Sullins Construction Corp. of Fort Worth, Texas, to build the Company’s new 70,000 square foot production facility located in Fort Worth.

Marc Johnson, CEO of ADM Endeavors, stated that the construction will commence in early fall 2020, dependent on the City of Fort Worth permitting timelines. Cost of the Company’s expansion from a current operational space of 18,000 square-foot to a new 70,000 square-foot production facility is estimated at $5 million and is projected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. (>>Read Full PR)


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Relief Therapeutics Holdings RLFTF

We also had signaled interest for RLFTF in yesterday’s premarket report, via the Extended Watchlist, and we’d like to talk about the performance in that play as well. It was the talk of the OTC yesterday, and we were on it like white on rice!

The stock traded up from a low of .35 and went on to register its new high of .95. That works out to a single session gain of 161% and it would appear as if that figure may be raised today.

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Insane SPY Gains!

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Recap

We played AAPL like a fiddle in the closing sessions of last week. On Friday morning, in addition to updating readers on the AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls we targeted the day prior, we also ventured an added set of ideas, with the AAPL Weekly $407.50-412.50 Calls.

Not only did the options we signaled on Thursday make the huge moves we promised, but our extra set also produced enormous gain opportunities on the day. Here are the final ranges and total possible profits provided by all of those targets:

AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls
 10.19-50.38 (+394%)
$377.50: 8.80-51.90 (+490%)

AAPL Weekly $407.50-412.50 Calls
 1.26-18.04 (+1131%)
$410: .69-15.57 (+2156%)
$412.50: .36-13.20 (+3567%)

More Options Review

Additionally, we offered up a couple of other ideas, the SPY Weekly $324-327 Calls as well as the FB Weekly $245-250 Calls, and we were also met with great success on those targets, with some truly eye-popping gains for the SPY in particular:

SPY Weekly $324-327 Calls
$324: .08-2.62 (+3175%)
$325: .02-1.71 (+8450%)
$326: .01-.76 (+7500%)
$327: .01-.08 (+700%)

FB Weekly $245-250 Calls
$245: 7.55-11.40 (+51%)
$247.50: 5.31-9.50 (+79%)
$250: 4.66-7.77 (+67%)

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GPN 08/21 $180-190 Calls
SPY 08/03 $328-329 Calls


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AAPL News/Earnings Headlines Exciting Day

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Update

Yesterday morning, AAPL was among our fresh options ideas in our premarket report, as AAPL has a tendency to run into earnings, and was slated for a post-market release. That indeed was the case, and our targets, the  AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls fared reasonably well.

That being said, the party is just getting started, because not only did AAPL blow Q3 earnings expectations out of the water. but the company also announced a 4-for-1 forward split planned for August. Here are the intraday gains made by our targets yesterday, which will be significantly higher once trading commences today:

AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls
 10.19-15.11 (+48%)
$377.50: 8.80-13.50 (+53%)

AAPL will open at fresh all time highs, and send those contracts soaring. We’re also going to add a few other possible targets to take advantage of the current activity, with the AAPL Weekly $407.50-412.50 Calls* as well as the 08/07 $415 Calls.

More Options Review

We also had ranges of ideas in several other options chains yesterday morning and saw some truly explosive gains. Here are the ranges and total multibag profit opportunities that they provided:

QCOM Weekly $102-104 Calls
$102: 1.05-5.66 (+439%)
$103: .96-4.94 (+415%)
$104: .35-4.00 (+1043%)

PYPL Weekly $190-195 Calls
$190: 2.15-5.15 (+140%)
$192.50: 1.12-3.31 (+196%)
$195: .70-1.96 (+180%)

OSTK Weekly $70-75 Calls
 1.24-9.50 (+666%)
$75: .60-5.90 (+883%)

The markets in general have a tendency to run when AAPL crushes on earnings, and that could be ready to happen today, leading to added gains in one or more of these plays.

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FB Weekly $245-250 Calls*

*Please don’t attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds.

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