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Post-Earnings Options Recaps:

We kept the options success rolling yesterday morning after our typical issuance of fresh trading ideas in our premarket report. Whenever possible, we try to focus on the options chains of companies that have just published quarterly reports, for the accompanying volatility provides a lot of intraday movement.

It’s always a great day when every single possible play we’re tracking turns in a winning card, and that’s just what happened yesterday with our targets, the COIN Weekly $275-280 Calls, the U 08/20 $110-115 Calls, and the WEN 08/20 $22-23 Calls. They all put forth respectable performances on the day, and yielded the following gain opportunities:

COIN Weekly $275-280 Calls
8.99-20.30 (+126%)
$277.50: 8.42-18.00 (+114%)
$280: 7.08-16.21 (+129%)

U 08/20 $110-115 Calls
$110: 4.98-12.00 (+141%)
$115: 2.50-7.80 (+212%)

WEN 08/20 $22-23 Calls 
$22: .80-1.20 (+50%)
$23: .34-.60 (+76%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NIO Weekly $43-44 Calls
APP 08/20 $60-65 Calls
BIDU Weekly $165-160 Puts 

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Trading Success & More

Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Options

We’ve been hot on the trail of the NFLX options chain beginning on Wednesday of last week, and have had an incredible opportunity to make some astonishing gains in the process.

The specific contracts we cited as having intraweek flip potential were the $395 and $410 Calls, and the upper limits of each were once again pushed on Friday.

The $395 Calls in which we observed a low of 12.18 on Thursday, entered a new high into the books as they ran to 43.70, and pushed the total increase we’ve witnessed in just a few sessions to a highly respectable 259%

The $410 Calls, following our alert on Thursday registered one of the best single session moves we can remember since we first began to include options ideas in our daily reports (Nearly 700%). Those contracts, which of course we witnessed at a low of 2.44 just one session prior, continued to explode and set new high of 28.90. That marks an intraweek move of 1084%, so you’ll certainly understand why we want to pat ourselves on the back for an awesome call!

With our first thousand-percent gainer of the year officially on the books, it’s safe to say that we’re setting the bar high for 2015!

GoPro, Inc. GPRO – Options

On the same morning that we first highlighted the NFLX Calls, we also tagged GRPO Calls. We specifically marked the $48 and $49 Calls and witnessed monumental moves out of each over the course of the week as GPRO topped the $53-dollar mark on Friday.

We’re going to continue to monitor GPRO this week on the heels of Friday’s PR which is one source of the huge move on the chart. GoPro announced a partnership with the NHL that will allow in-game footage from player-worn cameras to be piped into broadcasts.

NEW YORK and TORONTO, Jan. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) today announced a North American partnership with GoPro >> FULL PR

SITO Mobile Ltd.  SITO

In addition to our great options alerts, we were not without success in the penny-stock arena. We spent most of last week tracking SITO to some impressive gains, and it too continued to push the envelope on Friday.

If you recall, our observed low on this play was following Wednesday morning’s alert when the stock briefly touched a low of .1489. During Friday’s session SITO would stretch as high as .318.

That represents a overall spike of 114% in just a three-session span, so congratulations to all who took part!

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SITO Mobile Ltd.  SITO

SITO has most assuredly been one of this week’s top prospects. After noticing it coming up off its annual low toward the end of last week, we introduced this stock on Wednesday morning and briefly observed a low of.1489 followed by a day of strong upward momentum.

Yesterday’s report contained a reminder to that effect, noting that the stock had closed with strength on significantly heightened volume, leading us to believe that “opportunities may yet remain”. It turned out to be another great call as the stock attained a new high yesterday as it ran into the close and attained a PPS of .279

That means, in a span of just two days we witnessed an overall increase of 87% in SITO.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Options Ideas

The NFLX $395 and $410 Options Call ideas that we floated earlier this week continued to fare extremely well yesterday. NFLX surged to $429 in daily trading and as a result those contracts went absolutely haywire.

The $395 Calls ran from a low of 12.18 up as high as 34.35, for an impressive intraday jump equaling 182%

The $410’s put up an even better performance. Those contracts registered a daily range from 2.44 to 19.50; an incredible 699% run in a single session!

No matter how you look at it, the NFLX options chain has furnished us with some amazing chances this week, and we hope some of our readers were able to get in on the fun!


FXCM appeared on yesterday’s extended watchlist, and it too turned in a great performance on the day. The stock traded in a range from 2.49-3.51, marking a move of 41% on volume which exceeded the monthly average by more than 10X.

This was another one we caught coming up off of a recently established 52-week low, which provides another perfect example of why we’re constantly scouring the market for these types of bottom-plays.

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