Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Super-Subpenny Movers & More

In Ovations Holdings, Inc. INOH

We talked about INOH in Friday’s premarket report, noting that the company had just come current on its filings.

We’ve been tracking a bunch of super-subpenny plays lately, which for one reason or another, have seen heightened activity over the past couple of weeks. We surmised that INOH could be the next link in that chain, and we weren’t disappointed.

The stock traded in a range from .00039 to .0006 on the day, an upswing of 54% on roughly three times the monthly average volume. We’ll want to continue to watch INOH for the recording of higher highs and higher lows as we kick off the trading week.

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

Speaking of super-subpenny stocks, we put IDOI on our readers’ radars back on March 21st after seeing a pretty sizable uptick in price action and volatility just prior to that.

After a couple of weeks of trading sideways, IDOI once again saw a rush of activity flow into the stock and Friday’s session brought a chance at some very respectable intraday gains.

The stock traded up from .0003, cracking the super-sub/subpenny threshold and reaching a high of .0011 for a daily pop of 267% We’ll also continue to keep an eye on this one to see if it can carry some of that volatility over to this week.

Akari Therapeutics, Plc. AKTX

We tagged AKTX on Thursday, and saw a solid intraday performance as it ran from a low of 13.69 to 18.46, (+35%). We noted this in Friday morning’s report, and mentioned that we wanted to stay on its trail.

What we ended up seeing was a very similar move to the previous session as AKTX came down off of Thursday’s highs and executed a dip-and-rip pattern that caused it to retrace its steps, trading in a range from 13.50 to a new high of 18.80, an intraday move of 39%

Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. GALT

Speaking of new highs, we wanted to comment on GALT, which is a stock that we’ve been tracking pretty regularly since the beginning of this year as you can see with a quick view of the GALT tag on our blog.

Our observed low of .935 came a couple of weeks following our tag of the stock on January 12th, and for the most part, it has been a continual climb since then, reaching a new peak at 2.87 on Friday. It works out as a total move of 207% that we’ve seen from GALT in 2017.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TLM, HGSH & FRO Recaps

Talisman Energy, Inc. TLM

We began tracking TLM on Friday after noticing the stock coming up off of its recently-registered 52-week low, and on that day we observed a low of 4.17.

The stock made higher highs and higher lows yesterday following another inclusion in our morning report, making definite progress, but with a surprise buyout announcement early this morning the PPS has gone into overdrive.  The all-cash transaction is valued at $8 Billion, and has been unanimously approved on all sides.

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – Dec 16, 2014) – Talisman Energy Inc. (TLM.TO)(TLM) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement (the “Arrangement Agreement”) with Repsol S.A. under which Repsol will acquire all of the outstanding common shares of Talisman for US$8.00 (C$9.33) per share in cash. >> FULL PR

The premarket high thus far today stands at 7.74, which marks an increase of 85% that we’ve witnessed in TLM over the course of just a few days. Congrats to anyone who caught our pre-emptive alert and was able to take advantage!

China HGS Real Estate, Inc. HGSH

Another winning call off of yesterday’s report was HGSH; the stock appeared in our extended watchlist, and went on to have quite a fruitful session. The stock would open and briefly touch a low of 4.63 before spending the rest of the day on the rise, culminating in an afternoon high of 5.96.

That solid intraday move came on more than 10 the 3-month average volume, and represented a highly respectable increase of 29%

Frontline Ltd. FRO

Despite seeing a gap-down in this morning’s pre-market on the heels of a debt-for-equity program announced by FRO, we did see a nice move out of the stock yesterday after including it in our last couple of newsletters. It made an intraday move from 2.53 to 2.95 (+17%).

We observed a low of 1.88 on Friday, meaning that yesterday’s high figured in as a two-day overall increase of 57%

BioLineRx Ltd. BLRX

BLRX also appeared in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and while it had a tough time getting going yesterday, the stock is up significantly in today’s premarket activity on the strength of a new PR so we’ll be sure to monitor the situation as the week progresses.

The company has signed an agreement with pharma-giant Novartis, under which Novartis has made an initial equity investment in BLRX of $10M for 12.8% of BLRX’s current shares outstanding. Read more about it in the following news announcement:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Two New Plays & TASR Recap

TASER International, Inc. TASR

We re-tagged TASR in yesterday morning’s watchlist along with a link to the new PR pertaining to the influx of orders for body cameras from several law enforcement agencies across the country (View PR).

We’ve been tracking this play continuously since we first inserted into our reports the day before Thanksgiving. Over those 5½ sessions, we’ve observed a low of 20.79 (12/01), followed by a gradual rebound to back above the $24-mark.

In this morning’s premarket, the stock has thus far made its way to a high of 24.72, which represents an increase of 19% over Monday’s low. We’re going to want to keep close watch on this play as the national dialogue over the need for more stringent police oversight continues to heat up. As we stated in one of our previous reports on TASR, TASER is already a trusted name in law enforcement/personal safety products, and thus a natural choice for many of the agencies now considering the implementation of body-worn cameras.

Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. ALSK

ALSK is running like a scalded dog in concurrence with an after-hours PR from yesterday regarding the sale of the company’s wireless division for $300M.

Already up over 60% in premarket trading, we’re going to be on the lookout for a dip-and-rip setup to occur. After a big initial push, we’re no strangers to sniping out profits on a course correction and subsequent rebound.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alaska Communications (ALSK) has entered into a transaction to sell its remaining wireless assets to GCI Communications, Inc. (GNCMA) for $300 million and plans to use net proceeds to de-leverage its balance sheet. A stronger balance sheet, combined with top and bottom line growth, better positions the company to evaluate a variety of additional opportunities to create shareholder value.>> Full PR

Barristas Coffee Company, Inc. BCCI

We also have a possible momentum play to add to the mix this morning. In the wake of a PR announcing BCCI’s uplisting to the OTCQB yesterday, the stock began to trade up off of a  bottom and bull-rushed its way to close at its high of day (.05). The move occurred on more than 7X the monthly average volume, and any time we see momentum like that, we go on full alert for a potential continuation into the following session.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Commenting on PBR & More

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

Amid allegations of money-laundering and bribery which extend high up into the Brazilian government (including former PBR board member and President Dilma Rousseff) the sixth-largest energy company in the world, and a point of focus for us all year, could be forced to write down billions in assets and reduce dividends. The company’s Q3 financials are being delayed indefinitely as a result.

The long-term implications of such a scandal are too vast and varied for us to make even a brief assessment accurately. What we can do is stay extra tuned to the PBR newsfeed to stay as up-to-date as possible on current events and adhere to our technicals, because we can still see potential on the chart.

On Tuesday, PBR hit its all-time low of 8.80. but has since made higher lows and higher highs over the proceeding sessions. After we tagged it on Friday morning, there was a 9% intraday move from 10.08 to $11, and this morning the premarket high is 11.51, which will act as immediate resistance as the session kicks off. We’ll want to see support hold at roughly 10.85, but if PBR can break past this morning’s high to confirm its continued uptrend, the next thing we’d be looking for is the filling of a gap on the chart from approximately $12-12.50.

As far as options go, we’re presently looking at the Jan 17th $10 and $11 Calls, provided the current trend continues.

Prosensa Holdings (N.V.) RNA

RNA is a stock that we tracking periodically this spring and summer, and we just wanted to comment quickly on the buyout offer the company announced this morning. In a $680M deal, Prosensa will receive around $17.75/share from buyer BioMarin Pharmaceutical.

Following an alert we put out on RNA back in May, the stock was trading at a low of 7.96; this morning’s premarket high of $19 means we’ve seen more than a 130% move in this play over a span of about 5 months.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ZAZA Update & More

ZaZa Energy Corp. ZAZA

We tagged ZAZA last Thursday on the heels of an earnings beat, and at the time, we mentioned that we’d put the stock on watch for a classic dip-and-rip scenario.

While it took more than a full session for it to settle back and find support, it did so on Friday, bouncing off of the 2.87-mark. Yesterday ZAZA continued to trend off of that bottom and reached a subsequent high of 3.60. For us, that marks a three-day turnaround on ZAZA with possible gains of up to 25%

In order for us to remain interested in ZAZA, we’ll need to see support hold at or above the 50DMA of 3.24.

Geron Corp. GERN

We also want to make mention of GERN, which we put on watch Friday after the company announced it had licensed its cancer treatment to a unit of Johnson & Johnson in a contract that could reportedly be worth up to $935 million.

After seeing a low of 2.72 from GERN initially on Friday, the stock began to rebound up to yesterday’s high of 3.10. (+14%) and appears to be gapping up slightly in the premarket today.

Folks might be interested in tuning in to the live webcast of GERN presenting at the Stifel 2014 Healthcare Conference in New York,  NY today at 1:50 p.m. EST. Webcast link can be found at GERN’s Website, HERE >>>

Gainers From Yesterday’s Watchlist

NV5 Holdings, Inc. NVEE
NVEE made a decent move during yesterday’s session, trading in a positive range from 10.60-12.40, offering up the chance for a 19% intraday gain.

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. FOLD
Another modest yet notable mover came in the form of FOLD, which increased from a low of 6.22 and reached 7.10, a move of 14%

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