Thursday’s Runners, 5 New Ideas

Thursday’s Movers:

It’s always nice to close out the final report of the week by relaying a fantastic Thursday performance. We made good on every potential options trading idea in our premarket report. It was a good mix of four possible plays, and all four of them recorded respectable intraday upswings.

We had the LULU Weekly $332.50-340 Calls, the FIVE 06/21 $115-110 Puts, the SMAR 06/21 $45 Calls, and the SJM 06/21 $115 Calls. These were the positive runs they posted on the day:

LULU Weekly $332.50-340 Calls
.73-2.79 (+282%)
$335: .59-2.00 (+239%)
$337.50: .50-1.36 (+172%)
$340: .36-1.09 (+203%)

FIVE 06/21 $115-110 Puts
2.61-4.00 (+53%)
$110: 1.23-2.00 (+63%)

SMAR 06/21 $45 Calls
.46-1.70 (+270%)

SJM 06/21 $115 Calls
2.00-3.80 (+90%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GME Weekly $38-37 Puts*
RDDT Weekly $60.50-61.50 Calls*

BRZE 06/21 $40-45 Calls
DOCU Weekly $52.50-51 Puts*
IOT Weekly $32-31 Puts*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced day traders

Extended Watchlist: 

Thursday’s Thunder, 5 New Trading Ideas

A Thunderous Thursday Performance:

We fared quite well with our selection of possible options plays in yesterday morning’s premarket report. Out of the six potential targets we listed, five of them produced significant intraday gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers. That is an extremely impressive result, in what has been another excellent week of options daytrading. Today’s earnings calendar promises to provide another solid outing as we close out the week.

Yesterday’s five runners were the TSLA Weekly $170-167.50 Puts, the WB Weekly $10 Calls, the DKS Weekly $195-197.50 Calls, the FUTU Weekly $62-60 Puts and the SPY 03/14 $516-517 Calls. These were the numbers they posted for the session:

TSLA Weekly $170-167.50 Puts
: 2.11-9.55 (+353%)
$167.50: 1.23-7.20 (+485%)

WB Weekly $10 Calls
: .05-.15 (+200%)

DKS Weekly $195-197.50 Calls
$195: 15.70-26.20 (+67%)
$197.50: 12.62-20.10 (+59%)

FUTU Weekly $62-60 Puts
$62: 1.60-6.20 (+287%)
$61: 1.00-5.15 (+415%)
$60: .56-4.08 (+629%)

SPY 03/14 $516-517 Calls
: .06-.34 (+467%)
$517: .03-.14 (+367%)

We also wanted to update the new highs on the COIN Puts that we signaled for observation in Wednesday morning’s premarket report. They tacked on a huge level of gains from those we reported in yesterday’s newsletter.

COIN Weekly $252.50-250 Puts
$252.50: 2.96-24.50 (+728%)
$250: 2.42-23.00 (+850%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GCT Weekly $40 Calls
ADBE Weekly $510-500 Puts
ULTA Weekly $525-520 Puts
COIN Weekly $227.50-222.50 Puts
MARA Weekly $18.50-18 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Wrapping Up Another Interesting Trading Week

Jabil, Inc. JBL – Options Recap: 

As we’ve been mentioning recently, we are continuing to fight our way through the heart of a major earnings drought. Case in point- there are ZERO pre or post-market reporters on the calendar for today. Yesterday was was also quite dry with the exception of JBL, for which we formulated an options ideas in our premarket report.

We designated the JBL Weekly $50-55 Calls as our targets of interest, and they exhibited some nice intraday activity; the $55’s in particular. The total ranges and possible gains on those targets were as follows:

JBL Weekly $50-55 Calls
$50: 6.45-8.10 (+26%)
$55: 1.10-3.47 (+215%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

Yesterday’s post-market earnings releases by companies with at least a billion-dollar market cap are our only source of earnings-related ideas to close out the week today, and the calendar was limited to just two.

We’ll go ahead and set some potential targets in both of those options chains, but be advised that these are weeklies, and trading options on their day of expiration should be undertaken only with experience and extreme caution as premiums will begin to evaporate. Only play with what you can afford to lose under a worst-case scenario!

ADBE Weekly $555-570 Calls
SWBI Weekly $20 Calls

Goff Corp. GOFF – Review:

We began tracking GOFF after putting it on our watchlist on May 13th, and we’ve mentioned it a couple of times since then as well.

The stock has made an absolutely massive run from our observed low subsequent to our report in May, which came in at .033, and culminated in a new high of .2369 yesterday. That represents a monster move of 618% in just a shade over a month’s time!

Extended Watchlist: